School safety issues are the cause of disaster and worry. Citizens are wondering what they can do and what’s happening behind the scenes to keep students safe. Therefore, school safety will be the topic of the Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents', or LEAP, last meeting of the year on June 12 at 7 p.m. at the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office's Ashburn station.

LEAP was founded in 1989, with 20th Judicial Circuit Chief Judge Thomas Horne serving as the first president. Since then it has served as a forum for enhancing education for all students in the county. Thousands of volunteers from school parent groups and interested citizens have been participating for many years, donating time, energy, money, expertise, and ideas.

One meeting can’t provide all the information needed, but we believe this meeting can help set the foundation for ongoing discussions and a shared understanding of challenges and resources. The Virginia Center for School and Campus safety will provide an overview of school safety audits and threat assessments. The sheriff’s office will present on school resource officers. Fairfax County Public Schools and Kognito will share information about bullying prevention and mental health resources that have been implemented nationwide and in neighboring counties. The presentations will be recorded and posted online with supporting resources.

Elections will be held after the program. Anyone with an interest in enhancing education is invited to run. Visit our Facebook page for details and information about how to attend in person or online.

Stephanie Eskins Gleason

Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents

Potomac Falls

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Stephanie, good letter but please don't assume the issues of bullying are being addressed seriously until LCPS publishes the data. When I was . no the school board there was a determined resistance to disclosing such information and programs tended to instruct victims on how to act differently rather than stop the bully. Imagine if you are a child in a school with 1100-2200 students and NONE of the employees are responsible for preventing the repetitive acts of a bully once a formal complaint has been filed. When repetitive bullying occurs in a locker room or by the hallway lockers don't we expect an employee to have been directed to insure it does not happen. Second, Serious threats to our schools need faster police response not just main entrance bolstering. The continued expulsion and over disciplining of students needs to stop and deputies need to be instructed to route themselves during the day to drive near schools when not working emergencies to reduce the response times to real dangers. Finally, all of us need to pressure legislators to re-balance the current privacy protection mechanisms psychologists and psychiatrists are protected by to figure out (with intelligence considered) how to reduce the community exposure to dangerous persons due to serious mental problems (Va Tech example)


Notice how Bob acknowledges how ineffective he was when he was on the school board. Now, he wants to be just as useless on the Board of Supervisors.


Is Brian Davidson running for reelection? Surprised that LEAP membership chose him at their spokesperson last year. Do they stand behind him still?


Brian hasn’t indicated interest in running and LEAP is looking forward to elections as part of this meeting. Any LoCo citizen can run for the board. Hopefully there are people who will work towards progress who will participate.

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