I am writing in response to a letter written by Virginia Kramer, an 82-year-old Trump supporter, that appeared in the Sept. 20 Loudoun Times-Mirror. She wrote that she was afraid to place a Trump 2020 yard sign or bumper sticker on her property for fear of retribution from the "far left.” I am an 82-year-old resident of Leesburg and have been here since completing an Army assignment in Hohenfels, Germany, in 1994 and then retiring from the Pentagon in 2002. I am a proud Democrat who has had at least two Democratic signs stolen from my property, been called a communist and threatened at the Farmer's Market in Leesburg because I was handing out Democratic literature.

At the same time, my Republican neighbors' signs have never been touched.

I am not sure why Mrs. Kramer is a Trump supporter, but she has every right to be one and should not be afraid to post signs.

I just have several questions about Trump. What would you call a person who has divided us, a person who is "in love " with a dictator, and believes Putin over our own Intelligence services? A person who thinks only in terms of himself and does all he can to thwart free speech? A person who tells people to "knock out" protesters at his rallies and he would pay their legal fees? A person who separates women and children at the U.S. Mexican border with no plans to re- unite them? A person who has five children by three different wives and cheated on all three? A person who says that there were good people in Charlottesville who carried torches one night – similar to what the Nazis did during the second World War – and carried Nazi flags the next day?

So I really don't understand why anyone would be a Trump supporter. But Mrs. Kramer you do have a right to post yard signs and car stickers and should not fear retribution here.

Anthony V. Fasolo


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straight from the MSNBC talking points bulletin. YAWN


One of the best reality series in town![wink] BTW they have a yawn emoji you could have used, cute too![yawn]


The Cartoon Network has higher ratings than MSNBC.


There are 2 liberal sites, CNN and MSNBC which split their audiences. Of course fox has gone down (-6%) while MSNBC has gone up (11%). It’s regular news channel. NBC, has the most viewers 7,876,000 while Fox only has 4,401,000. You have to go by 2018 ratings since we are still in 2019.


Where did you get those stats? Media Matters?


work, must be your favorite show, are you running up their ratings?


Yea, actually I am, the democrats are Wile Coyote and Trump is the Roadrunner. It's fun to watch.

Count Quackula

He’s a professional democrat. Just look at his FB page.


He is a veteran and a patriot who has actually fought for our country. That's his true profession. Being a democrat is a party affiliation.


It seems that Ms. Kramer has been listening to too much right-wing rhetoric. Look at any fact checking site, they repeatedly say there are a few far-left groups that raise red flags, their numbers remain small. When it comes to right-wing violence then you have a problem. Right-wing terrorists have killed more people (107) than jihadi terrorism (104) on U.S. soil than jihadis have since 9/11. Trump has been encouraging it since he ran in part on anti-immigrant and racist sentiments. This is why so many white supremacists embraced Trump. Radicalization expert J.M. Berger found that the top hashtag for the alt-right is #MAGA. Business insider found that all extremist killings in 2018 had links to the right-wing.


"Fact checking" sites? Whatever. Who pays the fact checkers? Business Insider? 104? 107? Who is the author? What have they written previously? More importantly, what are you talking about? If you're going to throw all this stuff out as commentary, can you please cite sources in your shotgun approach?


The 2 fact checking sites I use are Snopes and Politifact. Snopes puts out a disclosure page about their funding. Their funding is almost entirely through programmatic digital advertising sales, who have no contact with the site’s editorial staff and do not in any way influence the content. They do not accept political advertising, or any other form of funding from political parties, political campaigns, or political advocacy groups. They accept contributions directly from readers and from non-partisan organizations. Politifact relies on administrative support from the Poynter Institute, it is otherwise financially self-sustaining. It receives funding from online advertisements placed on the website. PolitiFact also receives compensation for selling its content to media publishers and companies. Both are nonpartisan fact-checking websites. Business Insider is an American financial and business news website published by Insider Inc. They have research teams and writers who say why something is true or false and back it up with documentation. I thought everyone knew that there were fact checking sites. It is not a ‘shotgun’ approach and it is really simple to find any of them online.


Look at politifactbias dot com before you try to sell us on politifact. As for Snopes, are you serious? With the three lawsuits plus the battle between husband and wife wrestling for ownership? Plus Kimberly LaCapria (see her public statements on Republicans), Snopes cutting ties with Facebook, and the Elyssa Young affair? Do you ever notice how many subjects Snopes just never checks facts on at all? Look, I would post links to all these, but LoudounTimes drops those. But you can research it yourself. You certainly should know where you're getting your "unbiased facts" from, their lack of bias (rolleyes) and what drives their revenue.


Letbreal - I guess your only trust source of facts are facebook memes?


You poor thing. Every left wing group is a red flag. Your facts are not even close to being factual. You spout your opinion and want everyone to think it is fact.


Being a Democrat associated with TDS is now a certified mental illness according the the shrinks themselves.[crying][scared].


Sorry, if lowering taxes, getting rid of regulations and strengthening the US Military is divisive then sign me up. I can only tell my Democrat friends without a strong military a social program means nothing if an enemy can take it away from you.

The writer if the letter claims to have been called a communist. Well when you embrace people like Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashaida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, amongst others, then you have an issue in your party. Those people I just mentioned are as divisive as they come.

Trump, love him or hate him, loves this country. Yea, he does shoot off at the mouth a little.too much but he with no doubt, loves this country. And I will support him as long as he is looking out for this country and its citizens. Many Americans take things for granted, especially in this area. Go to middle america and see the guy who is bringing home a.paycheck that supports his family because of the increased opportunity due to this President. How many of you noticed that when Iran bombed the oil fields of Saudi Arabia that fuel prices didnt sky rocket. 5 years ago it would of been different. But due to our energy independence we dont have to worry about foreign energy/oil anymore Thanks to President Trump. These are facts.

Not fiction.


Your tax break will expire, and you will not have the deductions that you had before. The rich get to keep their tax cut. Trump has taken so much money from the military that the Air Force says they can no longer guarantee national safety, so you should tell your republican friends instead. You don't seem to know what communism is. They are diversity not division. Oil price only went up slightly because the oil field will be fully functional within a month of the attack. It had nothing to do with our energy independence. He is only supporting himself, the country is a second thought. He uses the country to benefit himself.


Fact Check - BS on all.


Chicken, typical repub answer. Why be bothered by the truth when your world of lies makes you happier.

Sterling resident97

Hear hear!


Wow, a lot of hate in your editorial.


I don't see it, maybe it was the tone you read it in.


Anthony, I agree with everything you shared but having been an elected official who ran for office while in both parties I have had OVER 50% of my signs stolen. Both parties have some extreme partisans that ruin it for the majority of each party made of patriots with strong beliefs. This Nov . 5th . we have a LOCAL election which should not be clouded with all the national mud slinging and tribalistic hate by party loyalists. Loudoun has serious traffic problems which not only haven't been seriously addressed the comprehensive plan approved by the current chair worsens that traffic and worsens what is already an unacceptable tax rate. I hope all registered voters will show up for our local election and make a choice based on qualifications not national fixations or party loyalty. Make an independent decision!


Kool aid drinker!


taste it!

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