"Each of us is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts" (or, EOUIETHOOBNHOF.)

My overall response after reading Mr. John Smith's letter in the Loudoun Times Mirror (July 16) as he critiqued the article that Supervisor Mike Turner wrote, "Loudoun County is the first battle in a newly raging culture war".

Supervisor Turner stated FACTS that are supported by others.

#1 Mike, you're part of the problem. It starts with BOS approving Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) budget which includes $100s of thousands of dollars to instill CRT into the school system."

My comment (EQUIETHOOBNHOF) The BOS approves the overall budget, not line item by line item.

#2"...CRT, which teaches kids to make blanket judgements about others based solely on their skin color is being taught in our schools. It just goes by code words like "equity and social justice”.

My comment (EQUIETHOOBNHOF) Never happened. These words resonate with my idea of what our country is all about; not some theory.

Mr. Smith claimed that the LCPS did cancel Dr. Seuss this year for the annual "Read Across America Day". My comment is that Supervisor Turner never said anything about cancelling Dr. Seuss, so Mr. Smith is arguing something that never happened just like he argues against the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) which is not happening either. (EQUIETHOOBNHOF)

Mr. Smith claimed that Virginia law did NOT mandate the use of preferred pronouns in our schools, but (FACT: Code 22.1-23,3 Treatment of transgender students; policies states that the Department of Education shall develop and make available to each school board model polices concerning the treatment of transgender students---one of the items deals with "maintenance of a safe and supportive learning environment free from discrimination and harassment." (I think that pronouns would fit here) "Each school board shall adopt policies that are consistent with but may be MORE comprehensive than the model policies developed...."(EQUIETHOOBNHOF)

As for Mr. Smith's final comment concerning former President Trump, of course all this diversion is coming from him (with support by Tucker Carlson on Fox and others who keep pushing the BIG LIE) as he tries to overturn elections (See the petitions being circulated to remove the School Board Members who had been endorsed by the Democrats). (EQUIETHOOBNHOF)

So I thank Supervisor Turner for telling it like it is!!

Anthony V. Fasolo


(2) comments

J Smith

Mr. Fasolo, thanks for your reply to my response regarding Board of Supervisor Mike Turner’s July 8 article on the “raging culture war” in Loudoun County.

After reading your letter to the editor I’m more concerned than ever about Mile Turner and the leadership of the BOS. It appears now as if Mike Turner is not only deceptive but either incompetent or willfully ignorant.

Apparently, we elected a Board of Supervisors who uses our tax dollars to pass budgets without understanding what’s in them. And then uses national issues to distract us from the problems here in Loudoun that they are facilitating.

On a side note – did you hear that the Russell County School Board voted unanimously to reject the Virginia Department of Education’s proposed policies on pronoun and transgender bathroom policies in our public schools? Looks like the residents of Russell County elected representatives that would stand up for their community against the overreach of our state’s current government.


If Mr. Turner told you it was Thursday, check to be sure. If Mr. Fasolo tells you it is Thursday check twice!

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