LCPS Budget Proposal FY2021 Williams

Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Eric Williams displays a copy of his proposed budget for fiscal 2021 on Jan. 9.

The decision by the School Board to make all learning distant this fall is both a failure of leadership and a rejection of science.

Many people knew that our board and Dr. Eric Williams would blindly follow their big sister, Fairfax County, and that this vote was little more than window dressing for a decision that was actually made for them a couple of days ago over in Fairfax. Dr. Williams blaming the Trump administration for this decision is also more than pathetic and is just yet another example of his failed and weak leadership.

We are an extremely wealthy county with resources almost unmatched across our nation, and keeping kids home is the best our great leaders can do? The only people who believe that are those who want to. Listening to consultants communicate that we cannot open our schools until we know that everyone will be safe is mind-numbingly idiotic and lacks any logic or science. More students and families will suffer from this decision than the worst-case scenario of COVID-19.

Our poor students will suffer the most and will pay the largest price for this decision, but no one cares about them. Actually no one on this Board who votes for this cares about anyone except for their own political standing. And the worst part about all of this is that when the consequences come from this, no one on this board will take responsibility or care. Not one.

John Fletcher


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This sham hybrid/distance or whatever will only hurt the poor. Leave it to the Libs to pull kids from school out of their "compassion." There is no evidence from any contact study that children pass COVID to teachers. Majority of teachers are young too. Need to drop the mask garbage. Those most vulnerable can isolate, but the world needs to move on. We owe it to our kids.


Va SGP. When are you going to run for school board? They could use the common sense, attention to detail and bravery to actually represent constituents and follow state statute guidelines. It seems like both the school board and BOS have spiraled down to a committee perspective where no results are OK as long as you get a quorum.

There are about 10 qualified teacher applicants for every teacher opening LCPS has so the theory that if the LEA says walk out they will. THEY WON"T! Why is it still appropriate for homeschoolers not to get ANY credit against their property tax which about 70% goes to schools. Why is it OK to terminate ALL the opportunities for the most diverse members of Loudoun by blocking their participation in Monroe Tech which has natural spacing and can't be taught remotely? (HVAC, auto repair, carpentry, plumbing, culinary arts, security etc) Why is it OK to not allow ALL HIGH SCHOOLERS to take the first two year program of AOS if qualified? They don't have the space at the centralized facility as an excuse. How irresponsible is it for NONE of the school board members to even ask these questions? SAD!


We should do remote learning up to November 3rd... and we can use the defunded police money to fill in the costs of this service.


If it isn't safe enough for any kids to go back to school in any capacity, Northam should put us back in phase 1. What good is phase 3 for students in LCPS?


Just my two cents. The latest I read is that kids over ten transmit the virus about the same as adults, while younger children do so far less. In person classes at least for elementary schools would make sense. As I recall, the surveys indicated enough teachers preferred teaching in person.

It seems that five day in person school would work. The number of families opting for remote learning would likely make social distancing workable.

I'm all for playing it safe but the short and long term effects of being out of school for an extended period are frightening.


I think there has to be a middle ground that allows kids to go to school some this year. I am a stay at home mom with a degree in elementary education and I find it hard to teach my child who is in a lower elemenary grade. I feel bad for those parents juggling full time jobs and no understanding of education. I homeschooled my daughter some with preschool but she did best when we were a group with her peers listening to me, then she was more likely to buckle down and do work. The spring was aweful trying to get her to do work for me and she would do anything for her teacher. Further, How do you teach kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade via distance learning when they do not even know how to use the computers effectively. I would be happy if they let kids go to school 1 week a month, just so they can establish relationships with their teachers and learn how to learn. This way teachers can better know how kids are doing and support parents better. Also it helps schools help kids from falling through the cracks that might need more help in life other than just education. If parents are willing to send their kids and teachers are willing to teach in person, then we as a county should be able to come up with something that allows for in person some of the time. We can take precautions for the virus without having to go to completely virtual for everyone.


I agree, and applaud John Fletcher for voicing on this matter. I chose 100% distance learning based on the hybrid and distance learning the board has outlined. The hybrid agenda was absolute comical. I have heard not just from my children who are in high school but other students that were trying to learn from home was so hard. During the 3.5 months of being home and studying this 2019 last quarter, they expressed their frustration of lack of guidance and support from their teachers, unable to communicate with their teachers for the given assignment, timely response and sometimes no response from the teachers, so yeah, John Fletcher nailed it by saying Loudoun County is failing our students!


Not only is the district not following the science, which is clear that children do not pass covid to each other or to adults with any significance, but they insist on sending these meaningless ‘surveys’ to see what I think. What does it matter what I think when they’re going to do what they want to do? Why can’t the teachers social distance from the kids, if that’s their fear?

There’s zero incentive for schools to open; we’re being held hostage by teachers and professional educator-managers with a hefty (and guaranteed!) telework salary. I bet if they freed up some of those federal education funds and ‘attached’ it to each student so they can go to whatever private school they wanted (School vouchers!!) We’d be in a different situation...

As it stands now, the HAVES will have their kids in a private school this fall. The HAVE NOTS will have their kids treading water, at best, for another semester. Not to mention the special needs children which the district is saying ‘oh, well’ to.

Literally years of education equity destroyed right before our eyes.


We, as a society, need to do one thing right now. Get this virus under control. The only PROVEN way to do that is by wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Proven fact! If we can’t even do that - how on earth do think anyone will protect our children? Children are dying from this virus! Don’t forget that! Two simple things - masks and space. If we’d get a grip now, this could end!


What is going to happen to all the LCPS bus drivers and food service workers? Are they going to be laid off? This decision will have a huge negative impact those who can't telework for the schools.

Virginia SGP

They get paid anyway with your tax dollars.

Not only is this unconscionable to make local taxpayers pay for gov't workers who are not working (when so many taxpayers have lost jobs and income), but it is foolish as well. Were these workers laid off, they would be receiving federal unemployment benefits. In other words, we are using Loudoun tax dollars when the federal gov't would have paid for that lost income anyway. We literally wasted $!0M and counting because of the incompetency of our LCPS "leadership".


Only 30% of LCPS parents actively chose inperson hybrid learning. All this whiny noise comes from a small whiny group of conspiracy theorist nutjobs.

Barry Hussein

The actual number was 38% and would have been higher if not for three days a week of useless "asymmetric" learning in the hybrid schedule. Distance learning guaranteed to be a joke. Regardless of your preference (mine is in person for my children), this has been a debacle. If LCPS were a business, it would be belly up by now. We had said we would never consider private schools; we are now


NovaDoc- According to LTM data 49.45% total families chose hybrid. LCPS told parents that wanted hybrid they didn't need to update the app unless they wanted to choose distance learning and the hybrid choice would default to this option. In other words no choice was a choice.


It will be like that, as long as this incompetent bunch is just following the party line to sabotage the return to normalcy untill November.

More Cowbell

Williams and his team of overpaid chiefs have had since last March to prepare and they've done very little. Loudoun schools will not open this year, be prepared.


what is the "worst-case" scenario for Covid-19 in Loudoun county that the writer refers to? The writer brought it up as a reference point, so, the writer should be able to define it quantitatively. If not....well

Last Man Standing

Agree that this is doing irreparable damage to our kids, especially the younger kids. Social interaction is so necessary for proper development. We will pay the price in increased behavioral problems and mental health issues. The other victim of this careless and uneducated decision is the impact to our economy. Parents will not be able to work full-time, making them more dependent on welfare/unemployment. The economy in Loudoun County will suffer significantly, and the stress on the family will again transfer to the children. These people have not based ANY of this on science. It is pure politics.


This is bizarre to me. Humans got a long just fine before the modern education system, and you could just as readily point out its failures and the damage it has done on another accounts.


They did???

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