Regarding Virginia becoming the battleground on gun laws:

We have to license many things: Cars, boats … I even have to license my two mini wiener dogs, and if you ask them, I bet they’d say their freedom is not limited by that license. And THEY aren’t designed for the purpose of killing.

Guns: Just license them. All of them.

Karen Galeano


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the inalienable right to bear wiener dogs? Did Jefferson write that?


Should we license knives?


not sure why you are asking - knives are nothing like guns - perhaps you are trying to be funny while people are dying?


Can thy carry a 100 round clip? You would need to be near someone if you have a knife, but with a gun you can kill from the comfort of your hotel room.

Chris McHale

Why do we not have to license our children?


We do license our children . Birth certificates and social security numbers (cards) are issued after birth.


You do. It's called a birth certificate and it is need to get into school, or a passport etc.


Karen: unlike your dogs and your cars, the right to keep and bear arms is a Constitutionally guaranteed right. Purchasing a firearm already requires a background check. Possessing a Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) in the Commonwealth of Virginia already requires a background check and a proficiency check. Please educate yourself on the Constitution and on State and Federal firearms laws. Thanks!

P-Ville Mom

Also, how would licensing work? Driver’s licenses are public record. I sincerely doubt gun owners want the public to know what firearms they own and where they live. Not only would that be a breach of privacy but it would also be a safety issue, criminals would have access to what homes have weapons and what homes do not. They could easily find out whose house they could safely burglarize or worse, whose home they could steal guns from.


I don't believe that a drivers license is public record though a driving record may be. Why don't gun owners want it to be a matter of public record, just curious? It would seem to me that it would deter people from robbing your home if they knew you were armed. Since you compared guns to cars you would have to look at it another way. If a gun is registered it would have a serial number, and people who don't have that number can't find out who it belongs to. The guy that owns a Buggati or McLearen doesn't want people to come steal his cars and they can't get his location without a VIN number.

P-Ville Mom

My car doesn’t have a license, I don’t need a license to buy or own a car. The only way I can use my car on public roads is if it’s registered and inspected, and of course as long as my drivers license is valid. My guns aren’t registered but I had to go through a background check to purchase them. And to conceal carry you must get a permit to do so, which is what the vast majority do instead of open carry, generally people would rather nobody know their business. I’d be willing to bet most everyone crosses paths with an armed citizen every day, but they would never know it. I have never had anybody answer me when I ask why it is they advocate licensing guns the way we license vehicles. At most they are asking for is actually loosening the laws we already have, at least, it would do absolutely nothing different than what is already happening. Should people be able to just purchase firearms and only need a license if they leave their property with their firearms? Will they still need a background check, because I currently don’t need anything to purchase a vehicle. Person= drivers license Car= registration/inspection Firearm=right Driving a vehicle= privilege Honestly not trying to sound like a smart butt or jerk here, only wanting to understand this argument and point of view.


Your car is registered under your address. Your car also doesn't have the capacity to carry 100 round clips. This entire conversation is moot. If your car is in an accident they can find you, if your gun is used to kill and wound massive amounts of people shouldn't they be able to find you? All guns should be registered.It would make law enforcement's job alot easier. They could also keep track of people like the Las Vegas shooter who are stock piling guns.


Your car does have a license. It is called a VIN. It is on your dashboard, in your paperwork, in a government database, and hidden somewhere else on your car that you will never see.

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