Loudoun Times Mirror’s coverage of the Save Our Schools Rally illustrates the problems with American media. Rather than dispassionately reporting, the article used charged language, petty “factchecking” and slanted perspectives.

The first “factcheck” was over Glen Youngkin’s Critical Race Theory (CRT) comments. The article presented the American Bar Association’s definition of CRT pushing the false narrative that CRT is “too sophisticated” to be in K-12 education. Yet, the article omits prominent CRT gurus like Richard Delgado celebrating CRT’s rise in public education. Delgado has said: “Seeing critical race theory take off in education has been a source of great satisfaction…. in some ways [it’s] livelier in education right now than it is in law….” CRT ideology is being imposed as the lens by which teachers and students are expected to view the world.

The second “fact check” was against panelist Joe Mobley, pointing out there are 54 countries in Africa, rather than the 28 Mobley suggested. It’s a petty detail used to distract from the larger point: America is an amazing nation, and many African countries have low standards of living that few Americans would tolerate.

Sadly, the article chose to highlight Dr. Ben Carson’s COVID-19 comments — a relatively small portion of his remarks. It didn’t mention Carson’s description of an imaginary walk with a Black child, pointing out everyday inventions we take for granted — all of them the result of Black excellence. “What’s amazing about America,” he said, is “I could take that same walk … for virtually any nationality and point out tremendous things they have contributed.”

Why ignore this? I suspect because Carson’s examples subvert the “Systemic Racism” narrative Progressives are trying to sell.

The media’s greatest power isn’t what they report… it’s what they leave out.

Finally, the article misquoted me, and generally used charged language which contribute to political polarization. There was energy and passion at the event, not “railing” and “lambasting.” Most people who attended it left inspired.

As I warn my government students: Be wary of media. To truly understand a point of view, go to the source. Don’t take someone else’s bias-filtered view.

To your readership I would suggest watching the Save Our Schools recording. See what parents and teachers — your neighbors — are concerned about. It may change your position; it may not. Either way, it will give you understanding. Understanding our neighbors is one step closer to loving them and being willing to do the hard work of problem-solving together.

Monica Gill, Loudoun County Public Schools teacher


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J Smith

Thank you, Ms. Gill, for doing the hard work of being a teacher in our Loudoun County School District who teaches critical thinking, not critical race theory. This is the path back to excellence for our once great school system.

Here’s hoping that more of our teachers like you will rise up to do the same.

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