“Good for the people”? I heard a democrat politician say that about the new Infrastructure and Build Back Better bills. My question is which people? Certainly not our children, our grandchildren or our great grandchildren. How much more debt will we put on their shoulders because of our selfishness? Doesn’t anyone care or think about them anymore?

Last year the US took in almost $4t in taxes and we spent $6.6T, with most of that deficit due to the covid emergency bills designed to prevent the country from going into a full-blown depression. And I don’t have a problem with that. It was sudden, it was an emergency, and it was necessary. But this year we will have a similar deficit. So, is now really the time to spend trillions more on “like to have”, not “need to have” social programs? Is now the time to pass a bill that spends another $3T+ that is not budgeted for? Isn't a budget of $4T enough? Talk about being irresponsible. In fact, in my opinion it is immoral.

And they say it will be paid for by tax increases. Well how about you implement those tax increases and pay down the $30T in debt that’s already there first? Shouldn't that be the priority?

We send our kids to schools to increase their chance of a good future, we save money for retirement to increase our chances of a good future, we try to eat right and exercise to increase our chances for a good future but when it comes to government spending we couldn’t care less about the future?

And don’t forget about what it does to inflation. It’s like adding gasoline to the fire. And do you know who inflation hurts the most? People on a fixed income and the poor. Just terrible.

“Build Back Better”? It’s more like Break the Bank Faster.

As Ben Franklin said “'When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.'

Sorry kids.

Chris Hodges


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Who audits the Loudoun County Public School spending?

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