The term "systemic racism" has been making the news a lot lately, and rightly so because change needs to happen. Meanwhile, school systems are trying to determine the best course of action for the upcoming school year in the fall. It looks as though Loudoun County Public Schools is headed for a learning model where students will get to go school two days a week and the other three will be distance learning from home. While this is definitely better than the 100 percent distance learning we were all thrown into this past spring, it is still going to be doing a disservice to many children across the county.

This "hybrid" model will only increase the divide between children with socio-economic advantages and those without. It does not seem like a giant leap to make the connection to this meaning minorities will be disproportionately impacted. I’m not terribly concerned about my own daughter because I will continue to be extremely involved with her education. But I know there are a vast number of children who are not so lucky and are likely going to fall behind even more. Just as we need unaffected people to care about racism, we need unaffected people to care about the education of children. After all, as cliche as it may sound, they are our future. It's time we speak up for those who are too young to speak up for themselves.

Jodi Humenik


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DavisB - I agree with your post! :-)

Consider the low income families on and near Plaza Street who are bused to multiple schools outside their immediate neighborhood instead of allowing them to walk to Frederick Douglas Elementary School. They can't even work with classmates to get the class work done as children who are given the natural privilege of going to their neighborhood elementary school can. Why can't the bleeding hearts on the school board or BOS see this and FIX IT instead of just virtue signaling? :-)


What? You're linking the school hybrid model to racism? Give me a break.


not that much of a leap, if you would read the entire posting- the write is saying that not all families can support their students at home the same

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