We live in bizarre political times. Stranger events occur with each passing week. As a result of the venom between the president and Congress it seems nobody’s trying to do anything for the country. Cruel personal attacks and racial and ethnic dog whistles are now daily tweets.

I’d hoped the national ugliness wouldn’t reach Loudoun, but about two weeks ago a campaign flyer from Republican state Senate candidate Geary Higgins was delivered to my mailbox.

After reading the flyer, I concluded my views on the Loudoun Republican Party may be out of date and perhaps Republicans like me are about to go extinct like large dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous period?

Like the asteroid or volcano 65 million years ago, the 2016 election obliterated the notion the GOP is the party of opportunity and responsible government, eagerly welcoming all who support its creed, regardless of race, religion, and sex.

The racially polarizing flyer is intended to motivate Republican primary voters at the expense of Loudoun County’s 57,096 Hispanic residents. As of 2018, Loudoun County was 14.2 percent Hispanic.

For as long as I can remember, northern Virginia legislative candidates from both parties usually boast they’ll get more transportation money to fix our clogged roads, whereas Higgins’s most ambitious goal is to “build Trump’s Border Wall.”

In my primeval opinion, it’s unhelpful to Republican minority outreach efforts for a candidate to tell Loudoun’s Hispanic residents he believes our national policy should be to wall them off for our safety. The implied message is: “You are not welcome!”

Higgins also wants to deport gang members and jail sex traffickers. He supports “tough legislation” on sex trafficking. He’s against sanctuary cities.

Geary says he has “a plan to combat illegal immigration and end MS-13 gang violence.” Of course he doesn’t really have a plan. I repeatedly called and emailed Geary, his board aide and campaign manager for copies of his plan and the draft “tough” legislation on sex trafficking he proposes on the front of his flyer. Crickets.

Since we already deport illegal MS-13 gang members, jail sex traffickers, and there is no law permitting Virginia local governments to create sanctuary cities, it’s demagogic to campaign on these issues claiming to have a plan when you don’t.

The brown men pictured on the back of the flyer beside a description of their terrible crimes promote a stereotype of Hispanics as gang members and criminals.

Whether they are painters, realtors or government contractors with security clearances, the Hispanics I have encountered in my law practice are family oriented, hardworking and religious. I cannot remember having a Hispanic man as a client who did not have a job.

In my Neanderthal Republican Party, you don’t stereotype minorities and use their skin color to scare people for votes.

After the recent local distribution of Klan flyers, I would have expected the Higgins campaign to be more sensitive about the racial and ethnic tone of their flyers.

If he wins the upcoming Republican primary, other ethnic and racial minorities won’t compartmentalize Higgins’s issues with Hispanics in the general election. Singling out Hispanics won’t give other minorities a warm feeling about Mr. Higgins or other Republican candidates.

Geary Higgins may learn the large, diverse, and economically successful population of eastern Loudoun and Prince William counties find his message obnoxious.

These days I imagine myself a European monk in the dark ages. Instead of preserving manuscripts in a monastery, I have two shelves of books in my library by authors such as William F. Buckley Jr., Thomas Paine, Ayn Rand, and Friedrich von Hayek. When the current dark time ends, it is my hope that in the future somebody will take these books from my shelves and rediscover their knowledge. As in the “Jurassic Park” movies, dinosaurs like me may roam the earth once again.


Charlie King is a member of the Loudoun County Republican Committee and the 2015 GOP nominee for Loudoun County chairman. He is supporting Republican supervisor Ron Meyer (R-Broad Run) in the 13th Senate District GOP primary.

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David Dickinson

With the primary in a week: Geary Higgins 61%; Ron 39%


I bet that has something to do with Meyer's attack on Dick Black. Dick Black, ugh, so glad I don't live in his eerie area.


Come on gal, attack the idea not the person, then supply an alternate idea. You're my favorite protege.


swampfiller, what attack? I just said I don't want to live in his district, that's not an attack. If I were to attack him he has definitely given me the fuel to do so.

David Dickinson

Almost. Higgins 65%; Meyers 35%.


The flyer I see here says Higgins wants "to combat illegal immigration and stop MS-13 gang violence". That you are against that says a lot about you and today's Democrat party. The Dems overuse of the race card is tiresome and no longer effective. Oh, and a huge majority of Republicans don't agree with you on this. I don't even believe you are a Republican.


Twist, twist, twist. Typical trumpian reply, twist everything to make it sound like something else that will inspire fear and rage. Probably is republican just not a fanatic trump supporter.


Trump Derangement Syndrome alive and well with amerigirl...I love it....they still haven't figured it out yet!


Once again Amerigirl you mimic all the Democratic talking points, sanctuary cities will not notify ICE when an illegal immigrant commits any crime nor will they notify them upon release from jail. We are not talking about misdemeanors, we are talking about felonies. It seems you are totally comfortable having illegal immigrant felons to walk amongst us after committing a crime. As to the spark of divinity, no I do not think members of MS 13 have the spark of divinity nor humanity. They are savages who have no place in our country. You love them so much then you house them. As for the President’s comment that they are animals, yes these gang members are inhuman. They terrorize members of the Hispanic community but I guess you think that is just fine.


I had an encounter with Geary at the SR Spring Festival after he called me over to his booth. During election season I try to get my two teenage sons involved by having them meet candidates and ask questions. I had my 15 year old son ask Mr. Higgins a question , and he asked a question involving guns and schools. Mr. Higgins reacted in a mean, self-centered, and arrogant way, showing no respect for my son. When my son said something, Mr. Higgins disagreed, interrupting my son in mid-sentence. When I asked Mr. Higgins to listen to what a teenager has to say, because the teen is actually in school, Higgins said my son was wrong, and he knew all about what kids think because his grandchild agrees with him. Wow, a politician not ready for prime time. Every candidate who my sons have met over the past few years have thanked them for being involved at their age, even Cory Stewart. Not this guy. Hint. If you are running for office, find a tape of Tim Kaine and Liberty University. When given heated questions, he acknowledged the questioner by name, he acknowledged the importance of the question, he gave his answer, and thanked the questioner for asking it. He did not tell the person “you are wrong.”


The difference between Geary and the La Raza truck ad used against Gillispie is Geary uses facts that democrats do not like. More power to truth tellers and no one thinks he is racist I just wonder if you asked Northam about the chickenbleep ad when it ran.


Geary Higgins, the self-proclaimed patriot who has held the highest absence rate of any supervisor, tells his version of the truth. He backed Delguadio and tried to keep him from being censured. How can you say no one thinks he’s a racist? Did you read this article? The penner thinks he is racist. I’ll bet many, many people think he is. Again, you are off topic, Northam has nothing to do with this article, that is just your obsession.


Mr. King, perhaps you are what the pundits call a RINO, Republican in Name Only. You are also out of step with your county. I am related to a member of the Hipanic population, by marriage, and he says the majority of hard working legal aliens do not want the illegals here, either. There are too many reasons to list here but they are similar to most people. Legals dislike MS-13 as much as republicans do. Hispanic views are no different than many republican's so I think your views are out of step and do not represent the people you think you represent. You more likely represent today's liberal walking like they are better than everyone else, nose in the air, head in a cloud telling themselves that their way is the only way.


The vast majority of Hispanics are hard working and family oriented, entrepreneurial and share the values of the Republican Party. They are the ones targeted and terrorized by MS 13 who the Democrats and their sanctuary city policies want to give a pass. Wasn’t it Pelosi who said they have the spark of divinity? If Democrats really cared about the Hispanic population they would not shield these vicious gangs and downplay the dangers they present to the very community they claim they care about.


You have a very poor understanding of sanctuary city policies are. If you commit a crime you will be prosecuted. They just don't think that if you are responsible, non-violent refugee that you should go to jail for trying to save your family. Here is what Pelosi said "We believe that -- some of us who are attracted to the political arena, to government and public service -- that we're all God's children, there's a spark of divinity in every person on Earth, and that we all have to recognize that, as we respect the dignity and worth of every person, and as we recognize our responsibilities with that spark of divinity within us." Do you disagree with that? Check Politifact, your statement comes up completely false. It was made when trump called immigrants "animals", or do you agree with his statement?


Seems clear to me that Higgins is making ILLEGAL immigration his top priority. We have 1000+ people entering the US illegally each and every day and politicians are unwilling to do anything about it. Is it because 100% of those entering the country illegally are hispanic and politicians are too afraid to offend hispanic voters? From the tone of this letter it seems that way.

Yes we have laws regarding MS-13 and human trafficking, yet we continue to hear horror stories involving both. Do we sit back and applaud the laws or do we seek more aggressive ways to fight back? If Higgins is not providing solutions or details on what he is proposing, I can understand questioning him. What I don't understand is how someone can dismiss the crisis at our southern border. Perhaps including a few photos of blond Swedes would help balance it for the politically correct crowd, but I am not seeing too many blond Swedes crossing the border. Hispanics are an important and vital dimension in all aspects of American life, but this is not about race or culture. It is about people coming into our country illegally, and politicians who don't care about the law.


So there is a candidate who puts the needs of Loudoun's citizens ahead of illegal aliens? He just won my vote.


I don't think so, if you look at Loudoundad's post it seems that he is not willing to listen to his constituents. If he can't hear them how can he represent them? He only represents the white, republican, racist and good old boy sector of Loudoun. Most of the issues he is running on are already being addressed and he is using fear mongering to attract voters.


So true, trump is destroying the republican party that we all knew. It's the hate filled agenda that moves his hateful followers. Please, someone in the republican party, run on truths and the needs of the people. Enough vitriol and lie s that are only meant to outrage their followers against anyone that would run against them.


Where are your facts, what studies supply your info? Come on Amerigal, you can do better than this. You are a smart girl, don't wallow in the mud with the local yokels. Come up with some new hyperbole. The next election is nearing and if you have enough people that agree with you, you can get all new office holders. MADGA (Make Angry Democrats Go Away)


My,( and alot of others) opinion. That is the facts! The new election is a year and 5 months away, so comon' really? I guess never is a best time to speak ones mind because of elections. What's with the silly acronym? You aren't getting down there on trumps level are you?


Amerigal, Trump is not a Republican and never has been, me either, but he has accomplished something and that is what his followers like. you just don't agree with what he has done. McConnell accomplished nothing during his time, the same for Pelosi. She spouts laudible ideas, but doesn't really believe them, she just wants votes like most of them. If you said Most of both parties are crooks you could get elected yourself and you would be believable.


Trump will be any party that gets him attention, probably closet to a Nationalist. You've got to admit that he riles up his base with hateful messages. Nope I don'r agree with his policies that kill kids, try to take medical insurance from the sick, tries to take social security from seniors, food from children etc. McConnell had deals with the same Russian that was sanctioned and has the lowest approval rating in the senate. Pelosi and the House has taken up 51 bills, resolutions, and suspensions since January, 49 of which they’ve passed.including the ones trump complained that the dems weren't doing anything about like lowering prescription drug prices, one to protect preexisting conditions with bipartisan support but McConnell decided to name himself the "grim reaper" and won't bring them to the floor. You can't say that Pelosi isn't doing anything because she is and she is doing the majority of it with bipartisan support because they are bill that should be passed regardless of who has control of the House.


If Geary Higgins is Godzilla is Ron Mothboy?

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