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As a conservative living in Loudoun County I always dread getting the Loudoun Times-Mirror knowing there will almost always be a negative article or comment about Donald Trump. So I was very surprised when I saw the "Not the time or place" editorial. But the surprise did not last for long. T…

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My friend and fellow attorney, Charlie King, wrote with compelling sincerity in his Aug. 7 piece calling on all Loudoun voters to vote on principle, not on party. I respect him for his courage and I join him in that call. It has been my life-long practice, even costing me membership in my ow…

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I am a high school student and a volunteer for Students Demand Action in Loudoun County. On Aug. 3, I was in Washington D.C. meeting with 2,000 of my fellow Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Students Demand Action volunteer leaders to learn more about how to prevent gun violenc…

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I am writing in response to both the editorial, “Not the Time or Place,” and also Ken Reid’s “Condemning Samirah’s protest” in the Loudoun Times-Mirror on Aug. 2. I am really struck by both articles chastising Del. Samirah for his protest of Trump in Jamestown on July 30. I fail to see how i…

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In October 2008, I joined two fellow GOP activists in hoisting "McCain-Palin" signs at Barack Obama's campaign rally in Leesburg. An angry rally-goer tore them out of our hands and tossed them out. However, none of us interrupted the future president's speech. A local Democratic activist not…

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On behalf of the members of the Leesburg District of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, we reaffirm our support for Mayor Kelly Burk with respect to her actions regarding the recent issue of proclamations being brought before Town Council. Over the decades, Mayor Burk has demonstrated …

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In a letter to the editor on June 28, Gina Wooden criticized the Leesburg Town Council for presenting a National Gun Violence Awareness Day proclamation to Moms Demand Action. She began her letter by asking, “When will it end?”

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My name is David Wilhelm. I am in ninth grade at Park View High School. A local issue I am concerned about is the increase of e-cigarette use in teenagers. A lot of teenagers think that vaping is OK because it does not have tobacco, but that is not true. It still has nicotine, which is addic…

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When will it end? A proclamation was passed by the Leesburg Town Council on a 4 to 3 vote. Lending the weight to a less than unanimous vote weaponizes the proclamation process for partisan purposes. A resolution was in order if you use a majority to pass the issue.

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The new Comprehensive Plan was approved, to desultory applause from the small audience. A number of supervisors had proclaimed that since the plan garnered equally bland reactions from both conservationists and developers, it must be “good.”

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It's a great irony that Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D) says she supports "women's rights" when she co-sponsored the Equality Act that was recently passed in the House of Representatives.

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