I was happy to see Jason Miyares condemn racism after the Buffalo massacre in a recent tweet but what we really need is for Miyares to understand and articulate to his supporters the importance of learning about racism and the harm caused by colorblindness.

No one wants white people to feel guilty. What purpose would that serve? The Black people that I have talked to simply want us white people to acknowledge the lasting consequences of 400 years of racism. Guilt isn’t really the feeling I get when I learned about how back in the late 60s that rather than allowing Black people to swim in the same pool with us, we chose to fill them in with cement. The feelings I felt were surprise that I was 40 years old when I learned about this and disgust that we would treat other human being this way. I also had feelings of curiosity. I wanted to learn more about what had happened in the past and how our actions from 60 years ago continue to affect our Black communities to this day.

Could teaching about racism in schools have prevented the massacre of 10 Black people in Buffalo? Miyares tweeted that racism and bigotry have no place here and offered prayers but it’s time for us to hold Miyares accountable. It’s time for him to tell us what ACTIONS he will take to prove that racism and bigotry have no place here?

Heather Gottlieb


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Mr. Smith nails it once again and very clearly. You could add the woke LGBT group as an offshoot as another normal/special group!

J Smith

Ms Gottlieb,

“Harm caused by colorblindness?”

Maybe I’m misinterpreting what you mean. Did you really mean that there is harm when we are color blind when it comes to skin color? In other words, if we don’t judge another person by the color of their skin, then we are harming them, and us, and those around us?

If so, that is so democrat of you.

Why? Because democrats love to judge people by the color of their skin. Democrats love to place value on a person based on that person’s skin color. Democrats must make everything about skin color. Democrats must divide our community in as many ways as possible, in order for them to get votes.

Judging people by the color of their skin! Isn’t that the very definition of being a racist?

Isn’t that the exact antithesis of Rev Martin Luther King’s dream?

Isn’t that what democrats have been doing forever! It was democrats who were the slave owners. It was democrats who stood up Jim Crow. It was democrats who filled in swimming pools. And now it’s democrats who push our children to judge each other by the color of their skin.

Did you know that the first 23 black members of Congress were all republican? What did they know that so many people today have forgotten?

Democrats are so condescending. Democrats believe a black child, a black student, a black adult, will never be successful based on their own merit. In the eyes of democrats, people of color need the help of white people to be successful. How condescending of them! And what a terrible thing to teach others, especially a young person of color!

I have an “ACTION” to take. Let’s stop advocating that we judge a person by the color of their skin.

How about we value excellence and applaud it wherever it is seen?

That’s what republicans are doing. Look at Lt Gov Winsome Sears, Attorney General Jason Miyares, and the recently nominated republican Mr. Hung Cao to run against democrat incumbent Jennifer Wexton for our 10th district rep to Congress.

Republicans nominated these individuals not because of their color of their skin, their race, or their sex. Republicans nominated them because they were the best qualified.

If you’re tired of the democrat message of division based on skin color (or any of a number of other traits), and if you’re tired of elected democrats destroying everything they touch (look at our economy, inflation, price of gas, food shortages, baby formula shortages, crisis at the southern border, massive failure in Afghanistan, closing of schools, energy crisis, COVID handling, US manufacturing crisis, the loss of our savings and retirement funds, failure in Ukraine, failure everywhere) then vote for change.

Vote republican in November.

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