Now that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Vladimir Putin (Dictator) of Russia have both acknowledged that the president-elect is Joseph R. Biden, based on the Dec. 14 vote in the Electoral College, I want to vent my real concerns.

Starbucks with a Grande Latte costing me $4.54 has become a big disappointment (perhaps not as big of a disappointment as those congressional members who are flirting with sedition in their inability to stand up for the basic strength of our democratic form of government, the smooth transition of power), but...

Starbucks is no longer a coffee house; it has become an overpriced 7-11. While the baristas are great and hard-working, the corporation has become so greedy for money in that they have allowed mobile orders to run amok.

On Dec. 15 a woman was sitting in her car waiting on nine different coffee drinks, while I had to wait inside for my first latte of the day. How many times have you walked into a Starbucks and seen numerous mobile orders sitting on the counter waiting for a pick up? Does Starbucks care if you pick it up or not? They got your money, so the answers are no, they don’t care.

However, if the itinerant customer feels his drink has cooled off, he or she has no problem requesting that it be made over for his or her pleasure. Meanwhile, the progress of the drink ordered at the counter, by myself and others, have had their paid-up-front orders further delayed.

The other day, I thought I would bring my wife one cookie for her to enjoy. That one cookie cost $2.43. Where in the world does a cookie cost $2.43 — four bites and it is gone?

The other edible merchandise Starbucks has for sale are getting smaller, while at the same time the prices are getting increased. I used to love the Pumpkin Scone, but alas, I have stopped buying them — not because they are expensive, but because they are now out of season. This company has no shame, and I let them get away with it, mainly because I like the people who work there and I have a problem. I need help.

Tom Marshall


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