I am writing in response to the tweet that Board of Supervisor Julie Briskman submitted in regards to the horrific shooting that took place in Texas.

Like most democratic officials she used this platform as an opportunity for gun control and has ignored the root of these violent acts which is mental health. Our children are in trouble.

Why is nobody addressing the fact that our schools are being pumped full of sexually explicit materials, ideology principles, critical race theory that teaches our children to hate not only their nuclear family but our beautiful country.

Why are we not discussing the opioid crisis and how children continue to overdose and die from taking these drugs illegally. Why are we not being more proactive in addressing the mental repercussions That have taken place on all of our children due to the two years of their life stolen from them from the COVID-19 pandemic?

None of these issues are being addressed in fact it’s quite the opposite they are being swept under the rug and instead of actually doing good Democratic leaders immediately go to gun control and ignore the real health crisis here. Our children are suffering due to multiple reasons, and these horrific acts of evil are not just about gun control.

These leaders need to start stepping up and stop using every horrific act of gun violence as an opportunity to take away the Second Amendment but instead become proactive and address what is the root cause of these acts.

Why is it prior to a school shooting, a post was made on social media indicating a potential threat and it goes ignored but a mother puts a post out about fighting for her child’s education and suddenly she’s the one who becomes censored and targeted not the troubled teen who is about to take lives of innocent children. It is time to stop the censorship, stop pretending our children are not in crisis and rise up and save the next generation.

Erin Roselle Poe


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J Smith

Ms. Poe, thank you for your article.

I appreciate your call to parents (and grandparents) in Loudoun County to rise up and save the next generation.

Democrats are systematically destroying the future of our children. Calls to end gun violence by placing more and more restrictions on gun owners is symbolism over substance.

Why is that not one democrat wants to address real questions like what has happened to our society over the last 50 years that such gun violence is taking place?

Democrats don’t like those questions because the destruction of civil society turns the light on them. Democrats are the ones who:

- Remove God and prayer from schools.

- De-value life in the womb and want unrestricted abortion throughout all 9 months of pregnancy, even the right to “abort” a child born alive.

- Proclaim that fathers are not necessary in a family.

- Destroyed the concept of womanhood and can no longer in fact even define what a woman is.

Furthermore, democrats, like Ms. Briskman (D-Algonkian), are not interested in helping our children or keeping them safe while at school.

Remember it's democrats who want to:

- Get police officers out of our schools.

- Defund the police.

- Support letting criminals go free.

- Refuse to prosecute those who break the law.

- Support the destruction of community, public, and private property by BLM.

- Legalize more and more harmful drugs and make them easily accessible to our children.

- Teach our children to judge each other by the color of their skin.

- Place sexually explicit, even pornographic, books in our school libraries.

- Cancel advanced classes out of the racist belief that children of color can’t excel in them.

- Support those born male appropriating the female gender at any point in time and having access to the girl’s bathroom and locker rooms.

- Excluding any parent, even silencing them, when expressing an interest in the safety and well-being of their children while at school.

The democrats of today have gone so far left that they are out of sight. They are the new socialists and they destroy everything they touch.

Just look around: inflation through the roof, gas prices going over $5 a gallon and up, food shortages, baby formula shortages, crisis at the southern border, massive failure in Afghanistan, failure in Ukraine, massive mishandling of COVID, energy crisis, manufacturing crisis, supply chain failure, crime on the increase, the draining of our savings and increasing of personal debt.

From top to bottom, democrats have been systematically destroying our country (and our county) starting with our schools.

Ms. Poe is right. We parents need to rise up and save the next generation. It starts at the ballot box by voting for change, by voting democrats out of office. By voting republican.


Erin Poe sounds like a voice of reason battling a quagmire of wactivists. She and her ideas should resonate with any sane people. A Womens Club President letting her actions prove her points!

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