Phyllis Randall and Mike Chapman

County Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D) and Sheriff Mike Chapman (R)

I have looked over the information provided by Sheriff Mike Chapman (R) and Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D). I have heard no complaints against our current sheriff or against any of the previous office-holders. Ms. Randall uses the argument that because everybody else in the capital region has a police force, we should also. That does not impress me. I need a lot more to convince me that we need to dispose of a successful program just because others did. There is no doubt that costs will rise if we go to a police force. We can argue over how much till the cows come home. But by spending more, when everyone agrees that the county budget will come in short, is not a very convincing argument.

So this leaves us with one remaining issue. Who will law enforcement be accountable to? Currently, every four years the sheriff has to run for office. We the citizens of Loudoun County get to decide if the sheriff is doing a good job or not. Under a police concept, the county police chief answers to the county administrator, who reports to the Board of Supervisors. Now the supervisors have oversight of law enforcement instead of the citizens. Why do they want this?

I replied to Ms. Randall’s recent email and asked if she would be agreeable to a provision that prohibits the board or county administrator from preventing the enforcement of laws the board did not agree with. Neither she nor staff replied, which I find very enlightening. Is this the first step in Loudoun becoming the next sanctuary county? I think so. And if this is the aim, the board should be honest enough to tell us so. I believe that in the best interest of all the citizens of Loudoun, all laws should be enforced and all law enforcement agencies should cooperate to the fullest extent in enforcing those laws. If you don’t like a law, there is a process for changing it.

Roy Liggett


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Good input but the real issue that bothers me is that it seems the BOS is searching for notoriety on social issues instead of solving problems the County has a right to have them workin on. Taxes are still 39% above the rest of VA, high density residential development still marching westward while high speed internet is not, VDOT still not made to maintain Loudoun roads nor are notable traffic issues being solved either. What is so hard about a BOS producing a list of its top ten problems it is solving and report on progress. The evidence they are inactive is that there is no evidence they even asked the school board how much less budget is needed for online education versus in-person education. :-)


We do not need to be a Sanctuary County. This is the last thing we need.

Chris McHale

The photo that accompanies this opinion is comical. It's like one of them farted both neither will admit it.

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