I am writing in response to the article titled Updated: Ziegler calls for changes to school division, following pair of sexual assaults, published in your newspaper on October 15, 2021. Loudon County Superintendent Scott Ziegler took the stand at a conference with his administration behind him to address the assault cases that occurred within Loudoun County Public Schools. In his statement, Ziegler claims “that the system failed these families and students”, and, “his heart aches for these families”. Yet his actions say otherwise. He focuses more on appearance and pleasing the crowd to make himself seem like a hero, than making change.

In the article, it states that Ziegler recommends the school board put the issue of strengthening the way investigations for assault and sexual harassment in school are handled to ensure safety be put on the legislative agenda. It is the fact that the safety and improvement of safety measures must be put on an agenda, it seems to be pushed on the back burning of importance.

When the superintendent, who is supposed to do right by the school and it’s participants, asks for time and patience when it comes to address safety concerns, it does not give me or any parent confidence and assurance that when kids go to school in my neighborhood, they will be protected and safe. The last statement in the article quotes Ian Prior, a school activist, “Scott Ziegler has shown multiple times he is allergic to the truth, and there will be no trust as long as he is superintendent”, and I couldn't agree more.

Mia Limongelli


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J Smith

There are many who share your opinion, Ms Limongelli.

I want to know how many other families and students “the system has failed.”

Mr. Ziegler and the School Board need to tell us many other sexual assaults have happened in Loudoun County that have been covered up or not reported under their leadership?

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