Generally, being mentioned in a Top Ten list is positive — a sign you’re doing something worth recognition. But U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-10th) is probably hoping no one will notice her appearance on the notorious list — U.S. House members receiving the most cash from the National Rifle Association.

Comstock lands at #10 on the list of House members collecting the most cash from the NRA during their careers — more than $137,000 from the discredited organization charged with opposing every sensible gun reform proposal that would stem the flow of blood in our schools, churches, and theaters. The “A” rating Comstock received from the NRA must stand for Arm Americans, because that’s what she’s about.

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Planned Parenthood spent more money in the last Presidential election then the NRA has since 1998. There are no government funds used by the NRA.

The NRA is a death cult.


Yeah because Obama did since a wonderful job. The NRA is not a death cult. Obama reign on America doubled the debt, more people collected unemployment, more people on food stamps, etc. You are one of the confused liberals. Feel sorry for you.


The minister of propaganda will be so proud of this article. How is the NRA a discredited organization? Planned Parenthood isn't, after it kills 300,000+ babies per year and harvests their organs for money?
What are the "common sense" gun control things the writer advocates. And if they're implemented, is that the end?
We know this is all a smoke screen to repeal the Second Amendment and disarm the People, just as the Nazi's did. Just as Hugo Chavez did. Just as Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot did. How did those gun control measures work out for the citizens?


But money from Planned Parenthood affiliates is okay?


Look forward to voting for Comstock. I appreciate a politiician who chooses to protect uphold the US Constitution and the rights guaranteed within. Now if we cna focus on the government incompetence in this case....2 FBI calls ignored, 29 to 45 visits to house from local law enforcement, school authorities alerted, police officer afraid to do his duty in a time of need. at every level the government has failed these poor kids....Our government is corrupt and full of morons...

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