To several members of Leesburg Town Council, now you've really done it. Your firing (or however you phrase it) of one of the finest citizens in Loudoun County, who is also an excellent town attorney, is a total disgrace. Josh Thiel, Suzanne Fox, Ron Campbell and Tom Dunn should all resign. From what I have recently read, these four members of the council are a bunch of blatant developer-controlled council members. So please, you four, resign.

To have someone as dedicated, brilliant and honest as Barbara Notar removed from her position tells me, as a resident, how deeply flawed the governance of the Town of Leesburg has become. I haven't been active in local politics since working with Barbara and others on Save the Trail. I have a lengthy commute into Crystal City every day and a needy horse to care for, so my time hasn't been as focused on my home town.

You've done a gross disservice to the town. However, Barbara deserves to practice law where she is appreciated for her talent and dedication, and I suspect she'll do a great job for another fortunate employer in the future. Leesburg, meanwhile, would be fortunate to have four new Town Council members.


Brin Luther


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Chris McHale

5 members voted for her removal but the writer only asks for the resignation of only 4. Why does #5 get a pass? Now who is playing dirty politics? One for all all for one.

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