Discharge of Firearms Amendment 2 | Board Room

Pro-gun and gun-control voices were heard at the Board of Supervisors public hearing in December 2019.

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors is saddling the citizenry with a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

Prohibiting firearms in county buildings and parks serves no purpose other than to disenfranchise a significant number of residents of this county and any who may travel here.

Are we safer for this? Are women safer in the park if everyone knows they can’t defend themselves from an attack? It’s not like parks aren’t a favorite clandestine meeting place for drug dealers and other criminals. Does the Board of Supervisors think the criminals will follow the new laws as well as they follow the old laws?

What is the point of this? Our commonwealth of Virginia is the fourth-safest state in the union -- even with a border shared by the murder capital of Washington D.C. Why is our county government trying to strip our rights away? It’s simple: to create criminals of those they disagree with politically. Creating criminals of the law-abiding is about the only thing the government is good at. By creating a web of laws across the state, the government has put millions of gun owners at odds with liberty and the law. In an area like northern Virginia, where people travel through multiple counties, cities and towns a day, how is anyone supposed to keep straight what laws exist where? They can’t, and that’s what the government is hoping for. The government would like to make exercising your natural rights so burdensome that you just don’t exercise them.

Maybe the government should focus on punishing actual criminals rather than creating new ones for reasons the data simply doesn’t support.

Hunt McMahon


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