My friend and fellow attorney, Charlie King, wrote with compelling sincerity in his Aug. 7 piece calling on all Loudoun voters to vote on principle, not on party. I respect him for his courage and I join him in that call. It has been my life-long practice, even costing me membership in my own party's local committee. But that's simply our duty as good Americans.

Where I differ, slightly, from Charlie's perspective, is on the issue. He asked us all to vote "guns." When our legislature met for all of two hours before the Republicans stonewalled any action on gun safety in Virginia, they were able to do so because they had gerrymandered the house districts to hold onto a majority they do not deserve to have. In every statewide election after 2009, Virginia has chosen a Democrat. It is an insult to democracy and to the rights of Virginians that our legislature so badly misrepresents who we are and what we want. But, rather than respect any of the sensible proposals made for decades, our politicians ignored fairness and their constitutional duties. Instead, they drew district maps that make no sense, have no justification, and serve no other purpose than to keep Republicans in power.

There are more issues of importance to Virginia than just the acutely important issue of guns. Personal liberty, social equality, community security and others remain as critical to our welfare as they ever did. But none of those, not even guns, are as important to a democracy as democracy is itself. With the next census coming, this is the time to undo the damage done to Virginia's democracy after the last census. Our laws will never reflect our values until our legislators reflect our electorate.

So, like Charlie King, I will be voting on one issue. But it won't be guns. I will be voting on the democratic process. All Loudoun voters should do the same. If we elect a legislature that will draw fair boundaries for our districts, then we can be confident that the gun laws and other policies a majority of us want will finally be passed. If we don't, then we will be governed for another 10 years by a craven class of rulers who only care about their power, not about their people.

Stevens Miller



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Mr. Miller - My constitutional rights under the second amendment are not up for a vote by you or anyone else.


No one said they were, why jump to that conclusion? You don't need to take his ADVISE.


Chicago and Houston have similar demographics with two noticeable differences.

1. Houston has less than half the police force and 85% LESS HOMICIDES!

2. CHICAGO has strict gun laws and no conceal carry and HOUSTON has conceal carry and most people have guns.

People kill people, guns save lives! It really is that simple!


Look what I found online, an exact instruction guide on how to do what you are talking about. 1. Critique the inclusion of a few statistics to suggest the cities are similar

2. Point out the infographic’s bad homicide rate calculations

3. Present the (vastly different) crime rates from the Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics

Maybe you should have read the rest of the article so you would know why it makes no sense. Like the density of population, cost of living, gun laws in neighboring states etc.


Stevens Miller brings up a very important point our local legislative representatives rarely admit. Loudoun and Fairfax have a problem with the state. Neither county is treated fairly by the state yet both counties play a MAJOR role in electing the Governor etc. Both counties suffer from VDOT being underfunded. Both counties have hundreds of millions in sales tax proceeds that should be returned for school support but are withheld by the state as we are deemed too rich to need these funds even though our property tax rates are significantly higher than the rest of Virginia. Even in a Dillon State like Virginia there is something our BOS can do but it will be tough to accomplish. When our largest and most profitable developers and builders cry to their state legislators that Loudoun is preventing them from continuing their siege to the West Virginia border the state will want to know what they can do to ease up on the stoppage of their addiction to income tax growth.(high density residential) The BOS will demand fair treatment occur first so we can catch up on school construction, lower our tax rate to state average levels and see VDOT take proper care of all the roads in Loudoun it is responsible for. It is time to fight for fair treatment not loose focus on statue removal or other distractions the current Chair has engaged in. It is time to VOTE for Loudoun!


I remember a woman in Vienna that fought to have NOVA turned into a new state. She may have been on to something.


Just make it part of DC.


Fair boundries means democrat wins to this ex supervisor. Charlie King is to republicans what friendly fire is to those shot in the back.


Or he has seen enough people die for no reason.

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