If you are like me, you’re probably tired of hearing about the upcoming Virginia election. And you may have already voted because early voting is now underway.

But if you haven’t yet voted, I hope, as an informed citizen, you’ll take just a minute to read this message. That’s because the 2021 statewide race for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General, as well as local races for the Virginia House of Delegates could not be more important or more urgent than it is this time around.

Here’s why:

In this election, we have a stark choice between politicians that support divisive, polarizing, dangerous issues such as Covid misinformation, voter fraud conspiracy theories, and the insurrection at the capitol on January 6th—or we can elect moderate candidates who represent citizens on both sides of the aisle and think deeply about what really matters in our lives. Such as safeguarding our freedom, improving our economy, and protecting our children’s future.

The choices are clear. We can support candidates who focus on frivolous issues, misinformation, and driving a wedge between our citizenry, or we can elect candidates who strive for reasonable compromise and are committed to providing the very best government possible.

This election matters.

So many crucial issues will come before the state legislators—voting rights, women’s health rights, Covid safety, affordable housing, economic recovery, gun safety, immigration laws, capital punishment, redistricting . . . to name only a few.

Think carefully about the candidates’ track records, and the kind of government they seek. We need experienced, seasoned executives who:

1) focus on what really matters in our everyday lives;

2) bring level-headed thinking to crucial decision-making;

3) are extraordinarily competent and accomplished, and

4) are working to keep our democracy alive and flourishing—starting with protecting the ballot box.

Choose well.

And remember, turnout matters. The best way to protect your vote is to vote.

Connie Moore


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Yes, ridiculous but nice try. Democrats are trying to fundamentally change our country and most people don't want that. They are also trying to put our children and grandchildren in a debt situation they can never get out of. No thanks.


Nonsense. look at Biden's inflation and the fact the one candidates thinks parents should have no say in their students education, end of story

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