As a taxpaying active member of our community, I am appalled to learn that Tom Dunn, an elected official on the town council, is using his position to promote hate. During the last two months he signed several proclamations with divisive language rather than his signature.

On a proclamation asking for an LGBTQ Pride Month Dunn wrote, “Everyone is equal, identities don’t help.”

On a proclamation awarded about Juneteenth, Dunn decayed the document by writing, “This is a celebration, lynchings are not.”

On a proclamation to recognize Friday, June 7, as National Gun Violence Awareness Day Dunn wrote, “People are violent, guns aren’t.”

While he has a right to his opinions, he should not be allowed to use his position on the town council to further his hate-filled agenda. I am calling for him to step down immediately. Promoting hate at this critical time in our country's development could easily lead to increased violence in our community. Hate crimes, specifically targeted toward minority groups and more often than not using weapons that are issued without background checks, are taking place on an astonishingly regular basis in this country. I believe deeply that our community does not want an incident like this taking place in our backyard. We all need to stand up against bigotry in order to safeguard our community and to protect the rights of all our citizens.

Deborah Morbeto


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ron speakman

But spitting on the President's son is ok, for the cause ? News flash for every one!! More lynchings occurred to white people, both in Fauquier and Loudoun County than black people. Why, because blacks were to busy working to survive and were not committing crimes like the whites. To get lynch in Virginia and in the South, you had commit a crime against women or children, did not matter if you were black or white. If you hurt a female or a child the whole community came out to hang you.


No one said that spitting on anyone is ok. It is disgusting, and anyone with decent morals would not do such a thing. Your news flash is Fake News, from 1880 to 1930, at least 100 were lynched in Virginia, all but 24 of them were African Americans. Loudoun only had 3 lynching’s and they were all black. Fauquier did lynch 2 white men who had killed a mother and 3 children so they could rob the house, but they were the only 2 white men lynched there. There were at least 2 black men lynched, Arthur Jordan (his crime was eloping with a white woman) and Shedrick Thompson. So, no there were not more whites lynched in those 2 counties. Most of the lynching’s in VA happened in the southern part of VA.


This is where we are today. It is no longer unacceptable to just disagree. Disagreeing has long past gone from America. It is now considered hate to not accept every word someone says. And that someone in this case are these activist groups. The writer of the letter and many of the responds consider everyone to be a hater who does not accept every word they say. Look at these so called hate filled words: We do not celebrate lynching. Everyone is equal, seeing people differently does not help. People are the source of violence not the weapon they choose. Truth is there was no hate and newly signed documents were given to the groups within 2 days.


I think the author is promoting as much hate as the person she accuses. It is what the libs call deflecting.


How's that? I don't see it, just facts. That is what the conservatives call deflecting, not about the article but something nasty about the writer.


Don't let facts get in the way.


The facts are the basis of my statement.


the rainbow flag protest calling for his resignation was an identify politics, offense culture political freak show which only strengthens my support for him .


I suppose that the civil rights protest wee the same thing?

Chris McHale

So writing everyone is equal is now divisiveness. Where in the world have we gone wrong?


And we hat are you pomoting - more HATE. mr. DUNN was wrong about the the cause of gun violence. Guns don't kill people, Democrats and Socialists do.

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