John S. Mosby

John S. Mosby

A recent letter to the editor has provided the Mosby Heritage Area Association with an opportunity to provide background on its origin and explain its mission of "Preservation Through Education." The Mosby Heritage Area is a state-designated heritage area covering five counties in the northern Virginia Piedmont. It was established in response to a large development threat near Manassas National Battlefield Park in 1995. The Heritage Area was named Mosby because John S. Mosby's operations during the Civil War took place inside the boundaries of the historically rich geographic region that we strive to protect.

The mission of our nonprofit association is to educate and advocate for the preservation of the extraordinary historic landscape and culture of the Heritage Area. Our education programs highlight the varied and diverse history that has taken place in the Heritage Area dating back to the 1600s, including African-American history and the tragedy of enslavement. We teach a wide variety of local history topics in schools and typically reach more than 5,000 students every year. We also host adult programs at historic sites and landmarks, featuring noted historians and authors. Our aim is to build an inclusive appreciation of our "Living Museum" in order to protect its historic resources and landscape for future generations.

We also advocate for the protection of open space by promoting conservation easements and speaking out against inappropriate development. We helped facilitate the protection of more than 200 acres of land last year and are working with an additional 565 acres currently undergoing the easement process. We also work to protect cultural heritage and in 2018 we worked closely with the Willisville Community to help complete the research for its nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. Last December Willisville became the first African American village listed on the National Register in Loudoun County. We look forward to rescheduling our community celebration of that significant event which was postponed in April because of COVID-19.

Our organization welcomes constructive feedback and will continue to work closely with our local communities to teach all Heritage Area history and preserve our historic landscape. For more information about our mission, please visit our website at

C. Dulany Morison

Chair, Board of Directors

Mosby Heritage Area Association

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