Citizens of Loudoun – I need your help. It is against the law to put up large or small signs within the right of way of any highway or road. This is Virginia Code 33.2-1224. The right of way is the median or part of road owned by us citizens and not private property and could be loosely defined by common land on the outside of telephone poles and utilities. Each sign could be subject to a fine up to $100.00. The county Zoning office handles small signs -- they go on request but do not have enough resources -- and VDOT is supposed to handle large ones but they don’t. These signs are ugly, its litter and they distract drivers.

Our supervisors will not address this issue with enforcing the law and collecting fines. If fact some supervisors are major violators. How can we fix this? Do not support businesses that break the law. Do not vote for politicians who break the law. Call your supervisors to update our policy and change county enforcement, call violators. Do not remove or deface signs.

Years ago we had volunteers trained and supervised by the county to keep the roads clear. Each week 54 volunteers policed our highways. Those volunteers kept accurate records of signs and locations always following the law. Past supervisors quietly removed the program. Even Fairfax County now has a program to address this blight. Stand up and join me in making Loudoun beautiful.

Bob Moses



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Ok...I filed a request with VDOT about signs from Sterling to Leesburg in the right of way. To their credit, they have actually removed the vast majority of them! Their representative told me, however, that they only remove them on request or when they interfere with mowing (which is infrequent). The rep referenced the Fairfax sign removal program and suggested that I contact the Loudoun BOS to institute a similar program. I have done so. In the meantime, I suggest we all go to the VDOT website and file requests to remove illegal signs.


Bob I have written my supervisor, Ms. Volpe, and Chair Ms. Randall in the last two or three weeks about this very issue. I agree completely with the points you make, but the supervisors I have contacted have been basically unresponsive to these concerns.


I can personally vouch for the positive community support Bob Moses provides as I believe he is certified to collect such illegal signs. VDOT states the range of setbacks for the right of way buffer is 25 to 125 feet from the center line of the road. I agree with Bob. If you are driving on routes 7, 15, 9, 50, 287 and see 4 by 8 foot signs close enough you would hit the sign if your car went off the road DON'T VOTE FOR THAT POLITICIAN! That also includes any signs in the middle of any roads which block the line of sight needed for safe driving. We appreciate your work Bob and your sense of community spirit.


Sorry BOB, I can't support anybody that is supported by Mr. bobo, I hate those that use newspaper comment sections for their own free political advertising. Anyway the Zoning office and BOS seem to not have the resources to deal with the number one problem that Zoning should deal with; Multiple families living in one apartment or house. There are those that would come up with valid reasons for this such as lack of housing and other economic factors, but it is illegal over certain restrictions. You have children using closets for bedrooms and in one incident the washer and dryer were removed and that space was a bedroom. One house I went into in the past had insect eggs (cockroaches) all over the foyer. This causes infestation and health problems for whole communites. Too many people living in one space is a health problem. I can understand a politician not taking any action, us poor individuals do not contribute the big bucks to their campaigns. I don't understand how politicians ignor basic human needs. They would rather sue drug companies with made up facts and figures to keep drug addicts from killing themselves. They would rather see innocents perish because there is no money in it for them. The addicts are not likely to see any monet, either. If you really want a solution to any problem in government, quit voting Republican, quit voting Democrat, don't vote for a conservative or liberal. If you like them give them money from your own pocket, not mine. Vote these self serving, you know whats, out of office and keep voting them out till they get it right. If you have to hate, hate the problem. Everything is not Trump's fault, he's a blank, but there are worse blanks.


Much ado about little ado!

Chris McHale

Politicians enforcing laws against other politicians, that caused coffee to shoot out my nose I laughed so hard.


Is he a pol? Yeah, I thought that was funny too but I really hate all those signs.

Representing the Mambo

Did you notice Sheriff Mike Chapman's signs? It's indicative of his attitude that laws, big or small, don't apply to him.

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