To Jeff Morse and the other Members of the Loudoun County School Board:

I read with bewilderment your statement noting your pleasure that the General Assembly “...supports the voters of Loudoun County and rejected the Governor's attempt to usurp their Constitutional authority”.

First, let me remind you that this bill passed the House by three votes and lost in the Senate by four votes. This hardly constitutes an overwhelming victory by the General Assembly. Furthermore, the voters have a perfect right to change the election cycle in order to rid themselves of elected officials who are not acting in the best interests of their constituents. The voters elected Governor Youngkin and he had a perfect right to put forth this bill. My only regret is that it failed.

I would point out two of the Core Beliefs of the School system, posted on the website at which you have failed miserably:

Strong partnerships with families and our community enhance our excellence.

Transparency and good stewardship of resources strengthen public trust and support.

Surely you cannot believe that you have a strong partnership with families nor that you or the administration have been transparent or used resources in a manner which would ensure the public trust. In fact I seem to recall that each member of the School Board decided to lie about their knowledge of the assault in the Stone Bridge bathroom in order to pass the transgender policy. WOW! That's some transparency and demonstrates a great desire to form a strong partnership with families and the community.

Then there is the matter of this School Board and Administration defying the duly elected Governor's Executive Order regarding parental choice for masking in schools. In fact you took it so far as to suspend students for not wearing masks. And you have the audacity to speak of usurping the voters Constitutional authority and the will of the people.

Finally, there is the matter of how many voters would have voted you into office had they known what you stand for:

Racism in the form of Critical Race Theory;

Lowering standards in the name of equity;

Purchasing sexual materials to be placed in school and classroom libraries; and

Pushing for unisex bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams in the name of transgender rights

One has to believe that at the core of your gratitude to the Senate for not changing the election cycle is your fear that you could not survive an election.

Ann Muhall


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J Smith

Well said, Ms Muhall.

Thank you for taking a stand for the rights of parents to be involved in the education of their children. Something that today's democrats don't seem to support.

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