Waxpool Elementary construction

Waxpool Elementary School construction in 2018. 

The key interest rate that drives loan decisions just dropped below 1 percent, which is lower than ever before. It is highly unlikely that a lender will ever pay Loudoun County Public Schools to borrow money, so it is not likely to drop much further.

Considering our Triple-A rating, the cost of borrowing literally has never been lower. It is time to take the cap off the school system capital budget and borrow the money to build the needed schools now. Over my eight years on the School Board I never heard anyone argue large class sizes led to success in education, so let’s avoid an obvious problem by taking advantage of an obvious opportunity.

Bob Ohneiser


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Did you object to the taxpayer funded "free" meals being served by staff who are earing double pay. How about the 9 million dollars spent on promethean boards maybe it was because you were confused wondering why substitute teachers were getting paid the average hours they worked in January without doing any work related to the schools.

Chris McHale

I understand Bob's point I agree that our taxes are heading into uncertainty. I do agree that critical maintenance should definately occur at this time so as to not interrupt the education process when kids eventually return to schools.


Considering the price of commercial real estate is about to go thru the floor due to vacancies, not a good decision. Commercial mortgage delinquencies are near record levels. There will be a lot of revenue not flowing into Loudoun coffers very soon. Let's not push the stupid button too often.


LetsBreal--I totally agree with your comment. With the economy headed into a recession, it is not a time to be spending to the moon and raising taxes to pay for it.

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