I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Fasolo’s call for greater unity in this country (“Fasolo: Recalling 9/11 in the age of President Trump,” Loudoun Times-Mirror, September 11, 2020, page 15), but the rationale in his last paragraph is surprisingly full of errors, making his plea seem hypocritical and little more than another tired attack on the president of the United States.

Where was Mr. Fasolo’s plea for unity when—the day after the inauguration—speakers at the “Woman’s March” used the most vulgar and vile language to attack not only the president, but also those of us who voted for him? Did Mr. Fasolo raise a single complaint when the “Russia meddling” investigation revealed no collusion and only malfeasance by former senior officials who should have known better? Did Mr. Fasolo write strongly worded opinions calling for unity when the speakers testifying at the impeachment hearings used the most vicious language and tainted testimony to impugn the authority of the president and threatened to tear the country apart? 

Given the president’s unprecedented record of success and achievement -- for all Americans -- one has to wonder why Mr. Fasolo would call for unity on one hand but then proceed to undermine his own plea by the use of distortions, fabrications and fake news. Blind hatred makes some people do silly things.

Evan H. Parrott


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