In October 2008, I joined two fellow GOP activists in hoisting "McCain-Palin" signs at Barack Obama's campaign rally in Leesburg. An angry rally-goer tore them out of our hands and tossed them out. However, none of us interrupted the future president's speech. A local Democratic activist noticed this and wrote a letter condemning me – not the other two protesters – as I was serving my first term on the Leesburg Town Council. Some of my colleagues on the council were not pleased I did this, either.

I quickly learned that serving in elected office carries with it a responsibility to behave better – for instance, not hoisting signs inside the other party's events.

But freshman state Del. Ibraheem Samirah (D), who represents parts of Loudoun the Virginia House of Delegates, obviously cares nothing about etiquette or decorum with his brazen interruption of President Trump's speech at the Jamestown celebration.

In 2009, Republicans and Democrats in Congress jointly reprimanded South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson (R) for shouting "You Lie!" to Obama as he delivered his State of the Union address.

But these days, with politics being so tribal, I seriously doubt Samirah will get a reprimand from his caucus in Richmond, just as Democrats in Congress fail to condemn or even distance themselves from the anti-Semitic, anti-American and fallacious statements of Democratic Congress members Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Moreover, Republican leaders in Washington rarely criticize some of President Trump's comments and tweets.

But Samirah, unlike those members of Congress, has no Republican opponent in the fall. Samirah seems to feel that he can get away with saying or doing anything, whether it's playing a victim because of how he was questioned at a town hall in Herndon in the spring or interrupting the president's speech with protest signs. This means he is an unchallenged politician, and such politicians become arrogant, self-serving and feel they can say or do anything they want. At least I wrote this letter denouncing his indiscretions. I hope this paper prints it and Rep. Samirah will comport himself better in the future.

Ken Reid

Former Member

Leesburg Town Council

Loudoun Board of Supervisors


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What I am reading is, when you were an elected neophyte Republican, you did something obnoxious and wrong, and you learned from it. When an elected neophyte Democrat, and a nonwhite ta-boot, does something you perceive it as being obnoxious and wrong, he should be condemned for it. Got it. Are you a fan of Sean Hannity.


Dvid B. That is the nicest thing you said to me yet. Progress is a beautiful thing! :-)


wait, you took that as a compliment? so out of touch


Samirah is to Muslims what Al Sharpton is to blacks!


Well, that sounds pretty racist. Do you think that only Muslims got Samirah elected or only blacks listen to Sharpton?


Racist, White Supremacist , blah blah blah. Enough of the bs accusations and the false narratives. Let's have a little bit of honesty finally. The reason you libs hate Trump is because he's a Republican. That's it. You guys will only be happy when it's only 1 party rule in the country. No opposition. Reagan was a racist, Both Bush'es were Racist, McCain was a racist, Romney was racist and an animal abuser and now Trump is a racist. What do they have in common? They are Republicans. Enough with the liberal bull hockey and start debating the issues instead of calling people you disagree with racist.

Wow...when you're getting behavior tips from Ken Reid you are in a special place


Ken, You raise at least two great points I will emphasize. Political parties need to raise their voice in opposition to themselves when over the line of what reasonable behavior or appropriate concepts should be and that checks and balances are needed in politics generally. It should be more than OK to challenge the voices in the room if one truly believes those voices are wrong. This is a big reason I decided to run as an independent Chair instead of hiding inside a party where the obvious multitudes of support can be found. The local GOP ignores the developer community profit motivated agenda because they are quite generous with campaign donations. How can the local republicans claim to be tax efficient when it is precisely the high density residential student generating developments that forces our local tax rates to be 33% above the average of all of Virginia. It is also that unwillingness of the local GOP to criticize the multitude of republicans running the Richmond based legislature that keeps the composite index alive taking hundreds of millions from what Loudoun should get back in sales tax to support our schools. On the democratic side many of my friends who know that partial birth abortions are wrong (some even being practicing Christians) yet there is not a peep when a local LCDC demagogue spouts out freedom of choice even if it is to choose eye color. Some in the LCDC don't see local taxes as burdensome even the 4.2% personal property tax, inspection sticker fees when there is no more stickers and the property tax which unfairly penalizes small lots and homeowners while allowing large entities like Howard Hughes Institute pay nothing for its nearly $1 billion of property in Ashburn. Both local parties should fine tune their "LOCAL" themes for fairness, efficiency and community support not constantly push the national agenda as if that is going to improve the education of our children or get the traffic back up to a crawl during rush hours. In the same way local candidates for office need to be pure of heart for why they are running for local office. NOT to build their law firm nor because they need and job and don't want to work in the jail system anymore. The most competent among us should help the community especially if they have the time. There are far too many politicians like the one in this article whose only claim to fame seems to be their party supports them and most voters (other than party people) don't bother to vote in local elections. I sincerely hope everyone with an opinion shows up to vote on Nov 5th so that opinion can be heard where it belongs.


that is some campaign speech, Bob.


Bob what does most of your post have to do with this article? Why do you insist that our taxes are higher and not take into consideration that we are in suburbia and those other are in rural farmland which don’t need a tax base for as much infostructure, or schools, or basically anything? If you are running for any government position then you should be aware of the laws governing abortions in Virginia. In Virginia it is illegal to have a partial birth abortion unless the life of the mother or fetus is endangered. You make it sound like it is a decision that anyone can make, it is not. The conditions that create scenarios for that type of abortion is such a small percent of pregnancies. They make up only 0.2 percent of all abortions and can only be performed under dire circumstances. It is a law you should familiarize yourself if you plan to use this while campaigning.

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