2020 legislative breakfast, Williams Morse`

From left, Superintendent Eric Williams and former School Board Chairman Jeff Morse (Dulles District) engage with elected officials at the 2020 LCPS Legislative Breakfast in September 2019.

Members of the School Board, when is this madness going to end?

Across the country people are being violently coerced into apologizing for being white or acting white. The term “systemic racism” has become as annoying as the word “unprecedented.” Cities are on fire because a portion of the population feels that violence gets results, and unfortunately it’s working. All the years of many presidential administrations — including a black president — and all of a sudden in the last seven months the U.S. is plagued with systemic racism and has been deemed the worst country in the world? Given all of the accolades of intellect and diplomacy bestowed upon Mr. Obama, wouldn’t he have certainly known this during his eight years in office? The predictions of doom and gloom have reached epic and apocalyptic proportions.

This “apology to blacks” feeds into mob coercion and succumbs to the no-longer-peaceful protesters. We are experiencing a time where conservatives or any non-far-left liberals are not free to place in their yards political signs of their choosing because angry mobs will come to their homes and attack them. This is no way to live.

The School Board should be above this explosion of false and fabricated white guilt and not drag Loudoun County Public Schools into the madness occurring across the nation. This apology is akin to hoisting a Black Lives Matter sign in your town hoping BLM supporters will not destroy the town with “mostly peaceful protests.”

I enjoy living in Loudoun and felt that we were doing well avoiding the violence, maintaining low crime rates, avoiding criminal protests and needless destruction. I thought the county was going to remain a sane outlier from the madness, an enclave of rational thought.

I am disappointed in the School Board’s decision to give in to the mob and the media and apologize. Blacks, whites, Indians, Asians, Hispanics and many others live and worship together in our county peacefully, and calls of racism and abuse of minorities are unfounded and fabricated to fit the narrative that is being thrust upon us.

You are an elected board that is supposed to represent, support and work for the people of Loudoun County — not a political party or personal agenda. With this apology you have done the citizens of this county a disservice.

Michael Rivera


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