Supervisor Juli Briskman is a hypocrite. She is also a disgrace to our county government. Delegate Dave LaRock is not doing well for himself either.

Multiple politicians, including Briskman, are calling for LaRock to resign for spreading “misinformation” about the 2020 presidential election. They claim the “misinformation” led to the “violent mob” at the U.S. Capitol building last week. LaRock has attended a few of those protests. 

LaRock’s spreading of information pertaining to the possible stealing of votes is his right to free speech because it is not misinformation; it is a question being raised. Don’t agree with that statement, but LaRock is not actively inciting violence. Is he raising that question incorrectly? There is no correct or incorrect way to do this. He is just on the wrong side of history.

Now let us take a look at Briskman.

Perhaps people forgot, are unconcerned by, or would like to downplay the fact that Briskman flipped off President Trump’s motorcade as it left the Trump National Golf Club in 2017. It’s really not a big deal. In fact, it’s freedom of speech. But a majority of Loudoun residents reject the fact that Briskman’s actions were distasteful ... if not disgraceful. In turning their heads to Briskman’s action, they voted her into office, where she is one of nine votes that are used to shape the county’s future.

Briskman wrote that LaRock “blatantly demonstrated that he is unfit to represent Loudoun County with integrity.” Ok, but what about you, Ms. Briskman? Do you feel that you are fit to represent the county with integrity? Is the gesture you displayed three years ago a sign of that integrity? Chair Phyllis Randall, why don’t you comment on this?

Consider LaRock a disgrace, but consider Briskman the same. They both exercised their freedom of speech. But in one case, that freedom of speech is on the wrong side of history and will be censored. American freedoms are in jeopardy. They are being outright taken.

Jorge Rivera


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You are posing a false equivalency here between Briskman and La Rock. Trump deserved the gesture from Briskman, and then some. La Rock is not merely “raising questions”. President Biden’s win was unequivocal, fair and undeniable. Comparing a gesture and a stance built on a lie is weak at least and dangerous at most.

Tony Fasolo

Absolutely correct--what Julie Briskman was doing, before being elected to the Loudoun Board of Supervisors , when she "flipped" the then POTUS Trump was expressing her opinion of him protected by the first amendment free speech. As it turns out later she was sharing an opinion held my many as evinced by the overwhelming win by Joe Biden and Kama Harris, a win that Trump disputes with no evidence and that Delegate La rock supports instead of supporting the Constitution . The terrorists who stormed the capitol were there because ,as they said, President Trump invited them--so the same words that President Trump used were echoed by Delegate La Rock. in addition he tried to put the blame for the destruction and rioting on, with no evidence on "paid protestors" and not those wearing the Red MAGA hats on? No comparison with what Delegate La Rock did and what Supervisor Briskman did before she was elected.

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