Larry Roeder Monument Sketch

A sketch of a proposed statue honoring African American education in Loudoun during segregation.

For many years, 35 volunteers and I have been studying the bravery and tenacity of Loudoun's Black population to acquire equal education during segregation for their children.

This is not a partisan political statement: I propose that we honor those children and their friends with a monument in Leesburg. Their peaceful effort and that of Quakers and others who worked with them is awe-inspiring.

I was born abroad and lived or traveled in war zones and nations with terrible human rights records. The courage seen in Loudoun and determination to achieve constitutional rights is on a par with any suppressed people in the world.

Larry Roeder


The Edwin Washington Project


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Sometimes you have to check what Bob has been drinking? You just took down a memorial to unnamed Confederate soldiers that people actually used as a surrogate grave marker for those who are buried who knows where.

Did Bob come out about the Black Graveyard the Toll Brothers donated to the county who then turned the property over to the NAACP. What did Michelle do first, she got money from the state championed by Wexton (Wexit 2020) because there was not enough interest in the community to even keep the property mowed.

What about the plaques, you know the one I am talking about Bob, the rapist that escaped jail and the powers that be put up a plaque because he was lynched. Law and order.

Replacing Silent Sam with Larry's choice for a statue because Larry is a good guy begs the question again Bob what have you in that tumbler?


For those who don't know Larry - he is a patriot of great causes and has personally supported many organizations and humanitarian efforts in and around Loudoun. While many of us sit in comfort watching the news Larry goes the extra mile to help those in need. I fully support his ideas and wish the current democratic leaders on the school board and BOS would take his advice more often. He has served our country in so many ways that were all positive I believe he deserves our support for this small local effort. Thank you Larry! :-)


I love Larry. He even took in his strange cousin Balky from Mypos.

Chris McHale

Nice reference !


I think it should just be kept blank until we get through things as a society a bit better.


This idea is probably the most racist and demeaning one on the list! The characters appear to be a throw back to the 60s? Back when Loudoun black men were dressed in slacks and carried a briefcase and black women were just out shopping? Let's get real, racial equality came from national court rulings and political evolution in Loudoun. Going backwards in history is a lot about tradition which serves no useful purpose in a society. The only important history is that which we make today! If the goal is to depict guilt or pity for those who weren't even residents of Loudoun back then go for it. If you want change it is based on the future not the past unless your comfort zone remains fixated on a time when you didn't exist and a tradition you can't change.


What type of clothing should be depicted? Back in the 60's and for decades before, most girls, regardless of race, wore dresses to school, and most boys wore collared shirts. I happen to know many Black parents insisted their children dress well for school so they don't fit the stereotype of being "dirty." You can get a wealth of prospective talking honestly to a 70 plus year old Black person.


I understand now! Instead of "Leave it to Beaver" it was actually "Leave it to Brutha" Thanks for clearing that up!


Nothing racial, nothing political.


Not on county property. You took down a monument that should end the story.

Chris McHale

If paid for with private funds have at it.

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