In March of this calendar year, the United States Congress allotted nearly $11 billion to help with funding for international COVID-19 relief packages. Outside of the U.S., many have been badly hit by the pandemic.

Even though American people have been given easy access to the multiple opportunities to get the COVID-19 vaccination, others have been less lucky, relying more on these relief packages that generously come from those who see that it may be years before they get the chance to vaccinate themselves. Additionally, our urgency to get these relief packages out should be higher than ever. Just this past year, we saw multiple COVID-19 variants come in contact with global society, the deadliest of them being the Delta variant.

The matter of the fact is that while we have made tremendous progress in the U.S. to go about daily life safer and in lesser fear of contracting COVID-19 or any of the variants, our friends abroad, who sometimes depend on us to help them out, cannot as easily keep themselves safe from the disease. In a more simplistic manner, we need to pull our weight and put more effort in sending out accommodating relief.

I am an ambassador for The Borgen Project. I push myself to contact my Congressional leaders, through both email and phone, to consider advocating for more money to be given added to the COVID-19 relief budget. I hope you take some time to do the same thing.

Matthew Rubloff


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J Smith

Mr Rubloff, I think the giving of your time, talent, and no doubt your treasure to help the less fortunate is admirable. We all should have that level of compassion.

I think the best way the Biden Administration and our current members of Congress could help other countries with their COVID problem is to model what El Salvador and India have done.

The government of El Salvador gave every patient that has COVID, the families of patients with COVID, and areas of high prevalence of COVID, a COVID care package free of charge.

Among other things, the package from the El Salvadoran government contains ivermectin.

India essentially did the same thing. In the midst of their COVID pandemic, the Indian government decided to widely distribute ivermectin to their population at large. Now, India’s most populous state, with nearly as many people as the entire United States, has been declared COVID free by the government.

But here, in the United States, we’re told by media that ivermectin is a horse de-wormer.

Actually, it was developed specifically for humans and afterwards was found effective for animals as well. It has been used safely for decades, has no known drug interactions, saved millions of lives in Africa, and won a Nobel prize for treating humans in 2015. It’s also on the WHO’s list of the safest, most effective medicines, in the entire world.

So, why aren’t hospitals and doctors in the US administering ivermectin considering the amazing success it has had in other countries? That’s a good question. Let me propose an answer. Ivermectin costs about $2 a tablet. Ivermectin is not a big money maker. COVID vaccines are making Big Pharma super rich. Pfizer and Moderna raked in $17B in the first six months of 2021 alone off of COVID vaccines.

Big Pharma isn’t going to make big money if the US is “COVID free.” Big Pharma has a big lobby in Washington DC. Congress and the administration want to keep the Big Pharma lobby happy to keep the pipeline of their big donations flowing. Do you see how it all works?

So, if you really want to get your Congressional leaders to help other nations with their COVID crisis. Call and ask them to fund COVID care packages that include ivermectin.

But they’re probably not going to listen. Our current administration and congressional leadership are in the pocket of Big Pharma. And so is the media.

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