Middleburg town council rejects proposal for senior living facility

An architectural rendering of a proposed 100-unit senior living facility on the east end of Middleburg off Route 50.

The largest problem facing aging people is finding a place to live until their number is called. It is the major stress of their lives. The elderly deserve to remain in the community where they spent the greater part of their lives. Only as aging people, they no longer have the same physical strength, mental capacities, abilities to do such things as simply drive their automobiles, travel, prepare meals and the like. How wonderful it would be that their family members would take care of them. But their family members don’t want them. Therefore it is incumbent upon the community to provide a clean, convenient, stable environment with access to all social services where they need not worry about what each day is going to bring.

How disingenuous for the country gentry to nix the placement of a senior housing complex in Middleburg The Middleburg hobbits consist of well-monied people, who obviously have no compassion about the fate of the community elderly. Their only interest is in providing for crops, forget the aging humans.

Mark my words, most of those government people will themselves also age and confront all the trials of advanced age that they are not yet aware of, but will have to be aware of some day. And that day sneaks up on you very quickly. Old people are not unruly, noisy, boisterous, and usually make good neighbors as most of them remain home bound. Generally they are reliable and deserve, after a full lifetime career or counting their money, to improve their local community because they have time to do so. So discriminating against them for whatever inconvenient reason, is almost immoral. When is a vegetable garden more important than the humans who could co-habit the land and help improve their community? I call that old age discrimination.

While it may be a noble ambition to "try to keep our small town small, but accessible to everybody. The green space is very important to what Middleburg is,” as spoken by Darlene Kirk. Nice. You don’t want the very presence of the community old timers to destroy the green space. Can they be such an eyesore? Where do you want to confine them? In another town or county? Didn’t anybody ever hear of environmental design?

Mr. Double-Barreled Leonard-Morgan makes his wishes clear by trying to pass those wishes off as being the desires of the Town of Middleburg to have a good fit. But I hope all old timers in the Middleburg community will remember what these members of the Middleburg Town Council think the next time they go to vote.

I guess that Middleburg is special from all the other towns around. However, the architectural rendering of the senior living facility looks pretty good to me. It blends in with the scenery. Councilman Hazard feels that providing housing for the elderly is not an appropriate use for the space. I read that as him thinking old people are a waste of space. Providing for the elderly, spending their last days on this earth, is the most noble act a community could do. The folk in Middleburg at least do that for their horses.

Gale Savage


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