I was just made aware of a campaign mailer by my opponent for the Virginia House of Delegates 33rd District seat, incumbent Dave LaRock. The outside of the envelope features the following attention getters: “They’ll rip up your bible...They’ll burn your flag…They’ll even turn your children and grandchildren against you.”

Is this what we’ve become? Are we now so tribal that Christianity is an us-or-them proposition? Is our nation’s flag now the rightful property of only some Americans? Have we become so delusional that we perceive children and grandchildren are being manipulated in some grand Orwellian scheme?

I’m happy to report that in the recent past there have been exactly ZERO bible rippings — ANYWHERE in the Commonwealth of Virginia. For that matter, there haven’t been any flag burnings either. And, please — anyone — show me children or grandchildren who have been turned against parents or grandparents.

What are we to make of Dave LaRock’s motivations for serving up this nonsense? Simple. He wants to stoke fear within anyone who will listen to him. He is counting on people to be gullible, to be naïve, and to perceive a threat that doesn’t exist. He is shamelessly pandering to people’s worst instincts because Dave LaRock lives in a world of fear.

I don’t. My outlook is optimistic and hopeful. I readily acknowledge that our country has a variety of challenges to address. But, given the choice between hiding in the shadows and living in fear (poor, timid Dave is afraid to debate me by the way), or working with others (regardless of party affiliation) to get meaningful things done for everyone in the 33rd District — that’s the path that I will choose — every single day.

The choice before voters is remarkably simple: Do you want a representative who will earnestly work to get things done for you in Richmond, or do you want to hide in the corner with “Do-Nothing Dave” LaRock who has a career legislative batting average of .096. Incapable of getting things done, he’s now desperate enough to tell you that people are coming to rip your bible, burn your flag, and subvert your children. For an elected official to promote these ideas is ridiculous. To expect that you will believe them is downright shameful.

FDR was right — “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”

Paul Siker

Candidate For District 33

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J Smith

Mr. Siker, what people in Loudoun County want is freedom.

We’re tired of elected officials trying to force us to abandon our religious, and for many of us, biblical values.

Last year, Governor Northam and the democrat controlled state congress passed the “Virginia Values Act.” Faith leaders across the state of Virginia voiced firm opposition to this bill that compels places of worship, religious schools, and faith ministries to hire employees that do not share their faith beliefs.

We’re tired of seeing our flag disgraced by athletes and burned by rioters time and time again.

The flag that embodies the “land of the free,” the best of what our nation represents, and the values for which men and women of all races and colors have died to defend.

We’re tired of elites attempting to control and “retrain” our children against the values we’ve brought them up with.

Instead of judging a person by their character and in the belief that all are created equally by God, our school board wants to train our white children to affirm their guilt and inborn racism and to train our children of color that they are oppressed and victims. Something you rallied behind in the form of support for Critical Race Theory in your letter to the editor earlier this summer.

It seems, Mr. Siker, that over the last 8 years of McAuliffe-Northam, and now under the current Biden administration, our fears over what the state of Virginia might become are being realized.

That’s why we want Delegate LaRock back in office. He represents freedom to us. It’s the same reason why we need Mr. Youngkin and Ms. Sears as Governor and Lt Governor.


We had "a representative who will earnestly work" see Reaser, Randall, Reid who all claimed during election season to be moderates once elected they all turned into our worst nightmares come true. The okie-dokie, bait and switch may work with woke voters but common sense works for everyone else, re-elect David LaRock.

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