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As a disabled person, I have voted by mail in just about every election for the past decade. It is the only way I am assured of exercising my franchise. My transportation on Election Day is sketchy at best. And ease of access to the polling place is sometimes problematic. I have been able to rely on the county registrar to send me a ballot, and the United States Postal Service reliably delivers it to my mailbox. They also reliably pick it up.

The registrar has measures in place to ensure against fraud and abuse. (I have seen these firsthand). As such, I am very comfortable with absentee voting or voting by mail. I highly recommend this methodology for November this year for everyone in the face of COVID-19. This year, you do not have to list a reason on your application for a ballot, so it is more widely available. You do have to apply for a ballot -- the application is online. You can also call the registrar’s office to request an application be mailed to you.

I would like to see absentee voting expanded using the Colorado model. The state mails every registered voter a ballot well before the election to ensure timeliness, and it begins counting the results a few days before Election Day, releasing the results when the polls close or shortly after. No muss, no fuss, no agonizing delays. And no voter fraud -- or extremely limited -- according to the various secretaries of state who are responsible for elections.

Voting is both a right and a responsibility. The suggestion that voting by mail is fraught with fraud and abuse is both wrong and a lie. It is an attempt to disenfranchise us all. While I miss going to the polls, I am glad I get to vote. Everyone should, especially this year. Exercise your franchise without fear. It is the American way.

M. Maureen Skahan

Round Hill

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Voting by mail is riddled with criminal avenues. Heck, just destroy ballots based on zip code which have well defined in voting patterns. NO THANKS.


You should educate yourself on this topic before showing your ignorance. Here is some info to help you.


LOL! Oh Maureen... that's all I'm gonna say.


We also vote by mail. This year my ballot showed up on election day and my wife's ballot never did show up. We had to vote on a Saturday at the registrars. We applied on June 3rd, the postmark was June 4th and the timestamp from the post office was June 14th. We will never vote by mail again as if I did not call the registrars office we would of been disenfranchised.

Chris McHale

Maureen - since you have experience with the process, can you tell me what prevents me from requesting a ballot for myself and 3 members of my household and filling all 3 out to match my choices. This is truly a question seeking information and not a challenge against the process.


Well Put. There is NO way "Vote my mail" can assure honesty. It has been proven that in some locations there more registered voters than total population.

Last Man Standing

Adding to this do you prevent ballots being sent to addresses of individuals who have passed away? If the system does not require some proof of ID, that the person is a registered voter, and still alive, there will always be room for fraud.

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