This email is shocking, disappointing, and clearly shows you have no understanding of your own said words. If the goal of this email to ask the public to go quiet, this has done quite the opposite.

You are missing the mark on the video that has gone viral. The video went national because a man expressed how many across the nation are feeling. He did not say re-open schools once in his comments (even if that was his intention and that is what the nation heard). He said #FIGUREITOUT!

We have been waiting for eleven months for a plan — a plan to make a plan to plan. One meeting there is a vote and we hear one thing and two weeks later that vote is dismissed and a new vote is made. Select how you want your kids in schools; ooops no, kidding — kids can't return to school; teachers don't want to do distance learning; ok, we will slowly return some children to school, no, not those; the public is demanding metrics, let's pull some out of our ars so they can select how they want to return to school; we're giving you a heads up, secondary classes will be like a prison so you may want to think twice about signing up; psych — those metrics were silly and now your kids are stuck because we are changing the goal posts yet again; teachers don't want to return until they have both vaccines (yet post pictures of themselves at parties, bars and breweries); teachers don't want to return until kids get the vaccine; it is always a new story every other week.

Parents want a plan, an answer. How can you deny the parents the right to get angry? This viral video is not what this man signed up for. Your Board Chair had just told the parent of a nonverbal child that he already said his child couldn't speak so no he couldn't speak on his behalf. His brave children spoke, their own words and were flicked out with no regard — next. He got mad. I am sure when he wrote his speech that was not the plan. Emotions are real and everyone is entitled to say, show, and share that.

You sit on virtual board calls. They are hellacious. Internet connections are rocky. Mr. Devita has to turn off his camera to be heard. People have to repeat their comments because they can't be understood. Welcome to distance learning, every day, eight hours a day.

Your message, your concepts, work for you. It's going to be tough to get the buy in of parents. PATIENCE — read the above paragraph; it explains pretty well why we have no patience. FLEXIBILITY — again read above; we thought our kids were going back to school and then they weren't; find childcare, don't find childcare; which is it? Not by choice, parents (and children) have been quite flexible. COMFORT WITH THE NOT-YET-KNOWN — Please explain how this is even possible. When we think we know, it is changed. And GRACE — Apple ..... Tree ...... talk to your board! Your mention of inflammatory rhetoric on social media — why is this ok for board members such as Beth Barts? Why is it ok for board members to not acknowledge emails from their constituents? Look in the mirror. Ask your board to do the same. When we hear/see grace, you'll get grace.

There is obviously a major disagreement that you and the board do not have the children's best interest at heart. You are failing 11,000 special needs children. You have taken away services from IEPs. As a parent of a special needs child who has been in the system since he was three years old, I am appalled that you think your board chairs comments to the parent of a non-verbal child are ok. You and the full board owe a public apology. That is worse than anything you are seeing on the media or reading on social media. Heartless and disgusting. You are taking away experiences that these children need, and have earned. My senior is graduating from distance learning. He will not have a parent see him experience senior day on his current outdoor sport. Would it really have broken anything to let a parent walk with their child for five minutes? We must have different perceptions of having the best interest of our children.

It should not have taken a clip of a real parent to go national for LCPS to suddenly have an interest. Maybe now parents will be heard. This county is going downhill, every day. I am embarrassed to say I live in Loudoun County. You did this, your board did this. Take blame. You need to own this.

Shelly Slebrch


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