I see from the article in the Times that our Board of Supervisors is really proud of their vote to rename roads.

Man, I’m really glad they hopped on that issue. I, for one, was so upset about it that I was ready to pay more taxes just to change the names faster…just kidding.

Actually, I think our current Board of Supervisor is bordering on incompetent.

Are they really doing anything by renaming roads? Why aren’t Ms. Briskman and Mr. Saines focusing their attention and effort on bigger problems facing Loudoun County?

Has there been such an uproar from Loudoun County residents who were so displeased with the name of a road that the Vice Chair of the Board, Mr. Saines, and Supervisor Briskman felt compelled to “put this fire out?”

Could somebody tell us how much it’s going to cost in terms of time and money to rename roads? What else could the Board be doing with that time and our money instead? Wait, don’t tell me. It’s probably too depressing.

Here’s what you do, Board, in a situation like this. Put the issue to a vote of the county residents. Let us decide if we want you to spend time and money on renaming our roads.

I have some substantive ideas for the Board to work on.

How about figuring out how to reduce our real estate taxes? How about further reducing our property taxes?

How about rethinking your strategy on data centers and the possibility that you, as a Board of Supervisors, are over-relying on data center revenues?

How about taking another look at estimates for growth and construction considering the ripple effect of a national economy that is tanking, inflation that is rampant, with the prices of food and gas and everything else going through the roof?

How about taking the time to convince residents that you really know what you’re doing with the whole issue of collective bargaining for county employees?

Our Board is in over its head. I doesn’t seem like they know what they’re doing. And we, the residents, will be the ones that suffer.

But don’t fear, Mr Saines and Ms Briskman, are leading the effort to rename roads!

John Smith


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Good for you. Just more woke garbage.


An un-educated issue at that.


no road name is safe with the perpetually offended PC class of politicos.

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