LCPS protest

Attendees of a recent School Board meeting show their opposition to a proposed policy and various aspects of school curriculum.

For two months, Republicans pushed a lie that the presidential election was fraudulent and stolen. In the time since, the only fraud that has been conclusively shown has been on behalf of Trump voters. Yet, the misinformation continues to be peddled. Day after day, Republican office holders, operatives, strategists, PACs, and the President worked up a froth among their base who were all too ready to believe anything to keep their guy in office. These lies resulted in Republicans attacking our seat of government and beating police officers with the sacred flag of the United States.

And now, the same people are adopting the same tactics around the boogeyman of Critical Race Theory. Lies are being told to voters in attempts to mobilize them in a culture war. Critical Race Theory is impossible to teach in a K-12 curriculum. The people pushing anti-CRT movement know this. How can primary schools attempt to teach an extremely complex examination of power systems in America when our schools aren’t even teaching a full and accurate accounting of the history of slavery and white supremacy in America? I graduated from Loudoun Valley High School and didn’t know about Black Wall Street in Tulsa until two years ago. It most certainly wasn’t taught to us. We got more information about the courage and bravery of Stonewall Jackson than we did about lynchings of innocent African Americans and Jim Crow. That’s not a biased statement, it’s the truth.

The Republican political operatives driving this wedge in the new culture war know they’re lying. They are fleecing voters for their data, building email lists (which are incredibly valuable), and controlling the media narrative. These aren’t just “concerned parents.” These are experienced political operatives that would use any tactic to build their fundraising and voter base. It just so happens that the anti-CRT movement checks all of their boxes.

How do I know this? Well, I’ve worked campaigns. I know the political strategist game. And I’ve been to the last three LCPS School Board meetings. These people are angry. I asked why the three words “Black Lives Matter” enraged them so much and you would think I had just kidnapped their children. For a split second, I understood rage against marginalized populations while wearing my Black Lives Matter shirt in a group of these people. But I can take my shirt off as a white guy…Black people can’t take off their skin. The last meeting resulted an arrest and anti-CRT people berating police in the same manner that January 6 rioters did to cops at the Capitol. Because they have been lied to. Enough is enough. If this movement and propaganda isn’t adequately opposed, there will be more violence. And the saddest part is that there are actually people who have no regard for children and are willing to exploit them for their own political agendas. Children. They’re the ones lost in all of this.

We deserve better.

Joshua Stack


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Everyday more evidence is found see Arizona, Georgia and coming soon Pennsylvania.

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