Trump at golf club wave

Donald Trump at his Trump National Golf Club in Sterling before being elected president.

The president now casts his shadows of fear and confusion on the essential United States Postal Service months before the election for his own political gain, throwing our confidence in the election into further chaos, instead of using his office to instill faith in our electoral system and ensure as much voting as possible.

This is tyrannical and shameful and we all, deep down, know it. The best protest against the contempt he has for the United States and its beloved democratic institutions is to vote him out of office in November with as large of a margin as possible.

For the first time in years I have felt hope for the country's future as the Democratic ticket was finalized. Their understanding of the foundations of the American experiment in self-government is sound and beautiful, though all their answers to specific political questions may be different than mine. I invite all conservatives to join the movement to first save the soul of America, become the loyal opposition, then work harder than we may now understand is necessary to earn back the public trust.

Chris Stevenson


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Dems always find more ballots. Ask Al Franken, that's how he won.


ewwwww another conspiracy theory. The right is so full of them. QANON and all.


Chris - the democrat ticket was finalized? I believe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsed and nominated Bernie Sanders last night at the DNC convention?!!


yes it was finalized. Convention rules require roll call & nominations for every candidate that passes the delegate threshold. Sanders had passed that threshold even though he was backing Biden.


Eight states are mailing out unsolicited ballots. Madness, especially when voting rolls are not kept up to date in many places.

Let me ask a question. What will happen if ballots are intercepted, stolen and destroyed? Remember, you have a certain amount of time before an election must be certified.

Voting by mail should be the exception, not the rule.


They did not send out ballots they sent applications for ballots. There are 5 states that have most people vote by mail for years and there hasn't been a problem.


"Some states permit voters to join a permanent absentee/mailed ballot voting list. Voters who request to be on this list will automatically receive an absentee/mailed ballot for each election. This option may be offered to all voters, or to a limited number of voters based on certain criteria described below."

"Once voters opt in to the list, they are automatically mailed a ballot for subsequent elections. "

"A permanent absentee list is sometimes known as a “single sign-up” option, since a voter needs to sign up only once to receive an absentee/mailed ballot for all future elections."


Lets, yes they have that in the 5 states and still don’t have a voter fraud problem. But that is different that the claim that “Eight states are mailing out unsolicited ballots.” Those states are sending applications.


Ha, Oh Chris, you need to turn off CNN, FOX and messNBC. It's messing with your sanity.


It seems it was democrat states that decided to adopt universal mail voting that relied on the USPS that has been hemorrhaging money and deteriorating performance for many years.

These democrat-run states also instituted late mailing timeframes and prepaid return mail envelopes that the USPS doesn’t postmark so balllots couldn’t be verified .

Then they blame the USPS and Trump for their mismanagement.

Typical democrat mismanagement and blame game politics.


Trump is urging S.Carolina and Florida to vote by mail, what makes them special? Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, and Washington have been doing it almost exclusively for years and no problems. The state of Utah has given its electoral votes to the Republican ticket in every election year since 1968 and only once voted for a Democratic candidate in elections since 1952 (in 1964). Blame game?? I guess you think people are getting their mail on time? Besides trump admitted it.


Chris - just a question. If ALL citizens and all legislators want the most citizens to vote why not allow voting in person over the weekend prior to election day? Schools are mostly closed or could be so election equipment could be in-place etc. Perhaps with all the rhetoric on "BOTH" sides the parties don't want all people in the USA to vote but want to make sure their party shows up in mass. Isn't that really the message being pushed around the mail-in ballot issue and the abject denial that the post office is a great sink hole of tax dollars which due to Congressional mandates can't compete with UPS or FEDEX? :-)

More Cowbell

Good Point, although I've stated it should be more then 1 day of voting. I read where 33% of ballots for a local election were never delivered. How about a test, Mail 100K letters from different locations to 1 address and see how many make it there on time. I'd wager 5-10% never show up. I still get someone else's mail at least once a week, wrong street, wrong house number, wrong name. And I've been at the same house for 18 years.


Looks like they listened to you. ABC mailed 100 fake ballots, 95 were delivered, 1 was torn which would have been thrown out and 5 didn't get there. That is after the USPS changes. You have to submit an application to get a ballot in the mail so I would hope you had the correct address on it.

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