Finally, a new chapter can be added to John F. Kennedy’s “Profiles in Courage”: Senator Mitt Romney’s vote as the lone Republican to convict the president on one of the House of Representatives impeachment articles.

Gratefully, then, America remains a place for our children where right makes might and breathtaking political immorality is condemned and declared ruinous to this cherished experiment in self-government, by national leaders of both political parties.

Chris Stevenson


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pual mase

Dems treat impeachment like 5- year tattle-taling .

They hate Trump so they make stuff up and then ask the adults to punish him.

Dems may go down as the only party in history to have multiple impeachments rejected by adults in the Senate.

Dems can win with ideas so they get more and more radical, strident and violent.


pual mase

Romney was willing to put the country through an extension the Democratic impeachment farce to feed his ego and spite Trump.

Pathetic not courageous.


Not a farce. I hope they impeach again.

pual mase

Me too.....more egg on Dem faces


Romney was the only one who wasn't afraid of trump and voted with his conscience.


Romney is a hack with a vendetta. that's all. #Romneyfanboi


It seems that you would rather listen to the senators that were bribed then someone who stood up for their convictions.


Romney has no convictions, nor do the democrats. They only have a thirst for power and control.


work, look who's talking. When republicans had control they threw it in the dems face. When they lost control the do nothing but whine and play the blame game. Real tired of getting blamed for things that never even happened and the right made up.


What was made up?

pual mase

What is your evidence of "bribes"?

I'm sure Shumer didn't twist arms , cajole and pressure and according to your definition, "bribe", his fellow Dems to support baseless impeachment charges.

He even got the spineless Manchin to go along with the Dem fiction.


Work, here is a sample of what was made up Trump said it was the dems fault in the drowning deaths of a migrating father and daughter, Trump again falsely claimed that the Democrats want open borders, which isn't a mainstream position for the party, and said "open borders mean people drowning in the rivers." Trump has accused Democrats of "interfering" with the 2020 election. He likes to blame his opponents for things that he does. blamed Democrats and their accomplices “the Fake News Media!” for pressuring him to remove his Doral golf course in South Florida as host of next year’s G-7 summit of world leaders, there were plenty of republicans speaking up. Homelessness and crime in big cities. He also said “Any deaths of children or others at the Border are strictly the fault of the Democrats” when it is clearly his new policies. And blaming Democrats in Congress at least in part for his failure to make a deal with North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un to reduce that country's nuclear weapons. The shutdown. On 1/04/19 tweeted that the stock market went down because dems took over the House when it was because of an announcement from Apple. Another time he tweeted “The prospect of Presidential Harassment by the Dems is causing the Stock Market big headaches!” So if it goes up it’s because of him but if it takes a hit it has to be the Dems. Trump and Pence both tried to blame Democrats for the inhumane conditions suffered by children at the border. Widespread family separations taking place at the border are not his fault, and that the true blame lies with the Democrats saying they saw them as “potential voters.”

BTW if you ever hear him talking about himself and saying that someone called him “sir” followed by what they said. It’s a tell tale sign that he is lying.


More like he couldn't be bribed with campaign contributions or scared off with threats from trump.


Praise goes out to Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) and Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-N.J.) who both voted against their party's laughable circus that was conducted in the House. And to Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) who called it out for what it was.

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