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As a former Republican and continued conservative, I have been battling despondency regarding the status and trajectory of the imperfect yet grand American experiment in self-government since the summer of 2016. I have tried to keep up the fight.

The Republican reactions to the nation’s latest perils, best captured in Mr. Trump’s ugly, fear-mongering, compassion-less and divisive presentation on July 4, push me to despair, and almost persuade me to give up.

However, as I remember Lincoln’s words so long ago on a bloody battlefield of a tragic war, that America was then in the throes of a new birth of freedom, I now understand that the travail, after 157 years, continues. The president, and the anger, ignorance, racism, hate, arrogance, bigotry, dishonesty and willful desire to pit us against each other swirling menacingly all about him and his party, combine to cripple America’s capacity for stability, healing, progress and the fulfillment of our role in the world.

I invite all conservatives to not give up, but rather to join with me and help sweep Republicans out of office this November so that the promise of America is stymied no longer.

Chris Stevenson


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Sooner or later, Democrats are going to occupy the offices and changes the rules. The day when people will be fleeing America to other shores are not far. When you think like Zimbabwe and Venezuela , you will become one of them.


Mr. Stevenson,

"Va. governor signs law to double grand larceny threshold" - , March 4, 2020

RICHMOND, Va. (WHSV) — The felony larceny threshold in Virginia has officially been doubled, with the change taking effect this summer.

Governor Ralph Northam (D-Blackface) signed House Bill 995, identical to SB 788, into law on Wednesday, March 4.

The bill was designed to raise the threshold for a charge of felony larceny in Virginia from $500 to $1,000.

The House of Delegates voted 58-40 to approve SB 788, which first passed the Senate on a 26-14 vote in February.


Is being soft on theft of property "stability and healing" to you, Chris?


Mr. Stevenson,

"Virginia Dems draft proposal to downgrade assault on police to misdemeanor"

"According to a document shared by multiple local reporters and retweeted by the Virginia Senate Democrats, the proposals include downgrading the charge of assault on a police officer from a felony to a misdemeanor." - Fox News, July 1, 2020

Is this the Virginia you long for, Chris?


So, Trump talks about America being great on July 4th, yet you call it "divisive"? I highly doubt you are a Conservative. The next election choice is simple question, America Yes or America No? Biden is the as voting for AOC and the other Liberal clowns who want to tear down everything like the Woke Taliban.


Mr. Stevenson -

Ilhan Omar, Representative of Minnesota (D), has been calling very publicly for the dismantling of the U.S. economy and political system.

Is this the "Promise of America" you are longing for?


As a real conservative, I enjoyed his speech. Stop clutching your pearls. Charlatan.


If this guy is a conservative I'm the Easter Bunny. How could the.LTM even print this?


This guy is no conservative and I wish he would quit claiming to be that, that he is not!


And you think that a Biden Presidency with a Democratic Congress (House of Representatives and Senate) is the ultimate answer for advancement of this nation? Really? Wow. This country already has 24.75T debt and now you are advocating to have the Democratic Party, known for big Government, high taxes and large Government spend policies, take control as they would "advance this nation"? What type of "conservative" are you? I don't think that a conservative would advocate for a big Government tax and spend agenda as conservatives, from a fiscal perspective, favor small government, less taxes.


where did you get the idea that republicans are for lowering govt spending? What do you think has been going on the last three years? Please pay attention


DavisB--if you had BOTHERED to do some research before opining you would have found/understood that I was referring to the classical political definition of what a real conservative is. That definition is as follows: Belief in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values and a strong national defense. Believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals. Conservative policies generally emphasize empowerment of the individual to solve problems.

As for the "Please pay attention", you know where you can put that perspective, no? You are not my parents or my superior, so get over it.


"classical definition" - that makes me laugh - now, either pay attention or hush


DavisB--make me. You seem to think that you have that authority, no? BTW, that is the classical definition in political science. Maybe if you DID some research instead of acting holier than thou you might be able to understand that terminology? No. My comment about your "hush now" still applies. This is America and YOU do not have ANY authority to tell me what to say or do. So grow up.


Don't tell me what to do, Voltaire. If I want to criticize your looney take on the world, you do no have the authority to tell me to stop


DavisB--I am not challenging you on your criticism of my statements. As indeed, that is your right. However, you are the pot calling the kettle black with your statement of "you do no have the authority to tell me to stop". You don't have the authority to tell me to do diddly squat. There are now several documented instances of you trying to give me some form of "direction". You don't have that authority either so get over it.


DavisB--BTW, the use of the term "looney" is a disgraceful discriminatory term towards those individuals who have mental health issues. You talk about social etiquette, maybe you should learn some before using offensive language like that, no?

Sunday Sinner

I will vote for whomever can lie to me most successfully.


Did you know before Covid hit that the government took in record tax revenue. That is attributed to the tax cuts. The problem is spending. Obviously, Republicans cutting spending is more feasible than the Democrats cutting spending. Republicans put more money in the citizens pocket while the democrats steal it.


except that none of what you wrote about spending it true - and the deficit and debt records show that - you might want to belive that republicans cut spending and taxes but the truth is both parties spend uncontrollably, especially the republicans - take a look at all the unneed spending going on like the billions for that stupid wall (ever wonder who is getting rich on that thing?) And, taxes on many of us did not go down with Trump - that is a scam


Agreed. Good grief! Get your republican mind out of linguistic cliches like tax and spend. A fox news or tea party epithet.


Thought you were intelligent Voltaire up to now it is the Republicans who gave ru up the debt bd then of course the country pays for whatever trump wants. Don’t count on contributions from him or his nepotism family. Tax and spend...ha ha. County bound use done spending on education and affordable housing. Scientific research PPE ETC. Not golf courses snd presidential residences...and don’t mean the White House


JayZ—Really? No, it isn’t that clear cut or simple. Both parties, Republican and Democrat have dramatically increased the national debt and continue to increase annual deficits. Democrats are just as culpable as Republicans on this front. As for the contributions from him, Donald Trump, as a citizen of this country, is REQUIRED by Federal law to pay income tax. The Government does not pay for Donald Trump’s golf courses or residences.


The gov't paid extravagant prices to house secret service at Trumps properties - so, yes, we are paying for his toys


DavisB--no, you are not paying for his golf courses or his houses. You are paying for security costs that are considered to be mission essential/necessary for protection of the President. There is a difference. That is a valid mission requirement and will come out of the Department of Homeland Security budget since the U.S. Secret Service is a component of said Department.

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