As a Loudoun County citizen and a former patron of White’s Ferry, I watched with interest the town meeting in Poolesville, Maryland on August 18 about the future of White’s Ferry. I had to wonder why the owners of the Ferry’s Virginia landing were not invited to an event that was addressing the future of White’s Ferry — don’t the Virginia landing owners have something to do with the future of the ferry?

What was extremely evident in that meeting was the utter disregard that Chuck Kuhn has for the family who owns the Virginia Landing and the lengths he has taken to collude with government officials to take land that is not his so he can run a business. So much for his political donations to conservative candidates who run on platforms of property rights. Hypocrisy at its very finest.

There was no mention of the several attempts Rockland Farm has made to get the Ferry open or the fact that on principle it makes perfect sense to pay “rent” for your business to operate somewhere that you don’t own. The family that owns Rockland Farm and the Virginia landing is not the problem — the problem is Chuck Kuhn, a wealthy businessman using political influence to take another family’s private property in order to operate a profitable ferry business.

Tom Stokes


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Mencken's View

A troubling question is who is running the county? The supervisors or the county attorney and staff under him? Staff have asked the Ag District Committee to remove 30 acres of Rockland property from the district so it would be easier to condemn. It declined. Then the count asked the Planning Commission to do so. It declined. Now it seems the "report" the county is doing has condemnation as all four of the choices and Leo Rogers says he's going to request that the Supervisors condemn Rockland land. Staff have NOT negotiated with the family, and Rogers has chosen to side with Chuck Kuhn in a private dispute. Condemnation would be a terrible precedent. There certainly seems to be undue influence and behind-the-scenes dealing. It is simply not the case, as Kuhn asserts, that none of Rockland's 4 or 5 offers are unreasonable, given the annual net income of the ferry operation. The anger Kuhn displayed at the Poolesville meeting makes it apparent that he is used to winning--all on his own terms. The county should not give him his way on this issue just because he has placed farmland in easement.


Thank you for speaking up, Tom. Rockland's perspective and rights have been given little consideration in the media compared to the Kuhn machine.

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