I am eager for President Biden’s upcoming Supreme Court nomination. The issues that go before the U.S. Supreme Court affect all of us. A glance at recent rulings underscores this, from the Court’s recent decision to eliminate federal vaccine or test mandates, to the Court’s tolerance of Alabama’s racial gerrymandering, which could have national repercussions.

I disagree with these decisions, and my frustration with the Court is compounded by its continued failure to reflect this country. For most of our history, the Supreme Court has been uniformly white and male. President Biden’s pledge to nominate a Black woman is a pledge to broaden the perspectives on the Court. Justices bring their lived experience to the bench, and it has been to our collective detriment that there has never been a Black woman justice.

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J Smith

Unfortunately for the Black woman justice that President Biden nominates, she will always live under the cloud that she was selected for her skin color and her gender.

Not because she was the most qualified.

And so, it will always appear that she needed the help of white people to make it. How unfair to this person.

But that’s how democrats roll. They must make Black people believe that they need help to be successful and that voting democrat will get them that help. That’s how democrats hold Black people down. Democrats make Blacks (and other minorities) feel like victims.

That’s the soft bigotry (or maybe in some cases, hard bigotry) of low expectations. It’s also so infantilizing of minorities. In so many words, Democrats tell Blacks and other minorities, “You can’t be expected to be held responsible for the actions you take or for achieving your own success. You need our help.”

How terrible to make someone feel that way. Democrats are so condescending, and to be honest, racist.

Republicans don’t look at skin color. They look to see who is the best qualified.

Want proof? Winsome Sears was selected as the first Black female (and first ever female) to run for Lt Governor of Virginia. Was she selected because she was Black and female? No. Republicans selected her over 5 other good candidates because she was the best qualified.

Republicans also nominated the first Latino for Attorney General? Was he selected because he was Latino? No. He was the best qualified.

There’s no “cloud” over Lt Governor Sears or Attorney General Miyares. They were selected because they were the best and their performance in office proves it.

President Biden’s promise to select a Black woman as the next nominee to be Supreme Court Justice may sound good at the first look but it really just reveals that Democrats can’t get past judging a person by the color of their skin. How sad.


So you focus on gender and skin color, racist much?

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