It has become fashionable and politically expedient to cast a shadow of systemic racism or equity or reparations on everything from pancake syrup to math. Chair Randall quickly employed this tactic as she attacked Sheriff Chapman referencing “racial reckoning” and “equity” when the name of George Floyd came up. The fact is that the political machine, the media, and opportunists believe that racially dividing the nation is a righteous cause that is in fact destroying the nation.

In a prior Board of Supervisors meeting the chair’s disdain for the Sheriff’s Office was readily apparent. Whenever a proponent of the Sheriff spoke Randall was on her cell phone, distracted, and enjoying sidebar conversations while focusing on the timer. If someone spoke in favor of HER agenda she propped up in her seat with fluttering eyes and compassion agreeing with everything that was said. It was obvious to me that she was furthering her party’s and her own agenda.

Now the county is going to waste a half million dollars for a worthless study to give the appearance of a non-biased process. How is Association of Chiefs of Police objective? As someone commented, it’s like asking McDonalds to study and identify the best hamburger.

I personally have not seen any “peaceful” riots, stampedes of angry citizens, protests, or other civic outrage in Loudoun about the horrible injustices being committed by the Sheriff’s Office. That’s because they do not exist. Loudoun is not a racial hotbed, and it is not a place to fear the police.

Chair Randall is not serving the people of Loudoun County. We do not need a divisive, racial opportunist to lead our county and should oppose her agenda every time we can. Loudoun is not the District of Columbia or Seattle or Minneapolis. We are not in turmoil with burning businesses and racially motivated “peaceful” riots. What we are is a family-oriented community with diversity in ethnicity, religion, and economic backgrounds and a way of life that keeps us safe in our homes and in the public areas of Loudoun. Chair Randall needs to put down the woke playbook and start representing all of Loudoun or go elsewhere to represent a community that IS a racial hotbed and where her agenda can thrive.

Anthony Troche


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If Randall was as good at her full time job as Chapman we would be the city on the hill!


Randall's biggest achievement is, making Scott York look like a genius!

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