I am writing this letter to inform parents of the Loudoun County system of what is being taught to our children. It is important that as parents we are aware of the content and topics of the material being delivered to our children. It is a PUBLIC school system and WE have the right to know and the ability to make changes by our votes to the school board.

Recently, my child who attends Harper Park Middle School (remotely) was shown a video in homeroom (aka advisory class). It was only after it was shown to my child that I was made aware of it. I was sincerely shocked when I watched the entire video and it is highly inappropriate on many levels. The material is propaganda and could easily be recommended viewing from the fashionable “woke” playbook.

The video was not shown to parents first and nor was there any discussion on the appropriateness of the material. The video has no bearing on a student’s academic accomplishments nor is it related to advancing a child grade. The topic of that video is “systemic racism,” a fabricated buzz term that is polluting our children’s minds. It is overtly insulting to law enforcement, educators and doctors to name a few.

In short, the video proclaims that if you are white, you are a racist whether you realize it or not, PERIOD. I am extremely disappointed in the administrators of Harper Park Middle School and the Loudoun County Public School Board.

The video is entitled “What is Systemic Racism?”

I am calling for immediate removal of that video and any related material that purports to “teach” our children about racism. If the school wants to talk about America’s sullied past with slavery and how we’ve moved forward from that dark point in our history that’s great. But to program our children to believe that if they are not white they are destined for failure is wholly unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

I encourage all parents to watch the video and to contact their local school administrator and the public school board to put a stop to this.

Anthony Troche


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it is indeed a disgrace. And a trendy one at that. Systemic racism is a myth perpetuated by the grievance community obsessed with race and victimhood. The true victims of this video are the young black school children who are being taught to consider themselves helpless and hopeless victims. How awful.


Thank you so much for pointing me to this video as a parents in LCPS. I think it was fantastic! Systemic racism is woven into the fabric of our American society. The video is engaging and backed by facts. I wholeheartedly applaud this video and its presentation in the schools. Until we as a society face our shared history with racism, we won’t be able to move on as a society. Our past with racism is not merely “sullied”, but part of who we are.

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