I suspect there are two kinds of folks who follow the political ads closely. Those who are extremely partisan or those like me who find the humor and total zaniness compelling.

This year by far the most-laughable political ad award goes to our very own Sheriff Mike Chapman huckstering for candidate for Governor, Glen Youngkin. Sheriff Chapman faces the camera, looks the TV audience in the eye and rants about the crime wave about to burst on us if former Governor Terry McAuliffe is elected. In so many words he implies that Loudoun woman and children will be terrified to go out of their homes, that crime victims will be strewn from Bluemont to Sterling, and no business will be protected.

Well, I don’t remember this chaos happening during McAuliffe’s first term and in any case if I need help, I don’t expect McAuliffe to arrive at my front door in the squad car. I expect it will be one of Mike Chapman’s skilled and competent deputies. And therein lies the humor.

Essentially Sheriff Chapman on Statewide TV is saying he is incompetent to do his job if his candidate Youngkin loses the election. Really?

I voted for Mike Chapman for Sheriff. I feel we have good police services in Loudoun County. I’m sure our high public safety standards will be maintained if McAuliffe wins.

So, the only thing we learn from this ad is Sheriff Chapman has “low self-esteem” and feelings of “low self-worth.” I hope he realizes he is better than this and avoids being “conned” for partisan exploitation in the future.

Al Van Huyck

Round Hill

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I understood Chapman to be expressing the thoughts that he would be handcuffed by the social justice warrior McAuliffe. It is not McAuliffe past we fear it is his future mistakes that will cost innocent lives. He took a hard turn to the left progressive agenda. Terry is like the old west Indian agents offering trinkets while stealing your freedoms. That ain't good governance and it ain't poor commercials it is exposing's communisms.

Representing the Mambo

Sheriff Mike Chapman initially was vying for the DEA Administrator job. That is why you would see him at Trump press conferences constantly. That fell to the wayside after the vetting process revealed the real reason he was forced to resign from the DEA 1 1/2 years before his full retirement. He then flirted with running for the Governor position but that was most likely a ploy to cut a deal with Youngkin - I'll back off and let you take the lead if you cut me in on a high profile position. That's how he operates. A word of caution to Mr. Youngkin - Once Chapman is situated in a position of trust, he will betray you with his Machiavellian schemes and unethical behavior in his quest for more power. He is a true sociopath who will wheedle, lie, and bully his way toward his selfish goals.

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