In March, a man with a loaded gun was arrested at Tuscarora High School. Two weeks later, there was an online threat to kill minorities at our school. We’ve been asking Loudoun County Public Schools for enhanced security ever since.

If you have reason to believe the online threat to kill is not credible, why haven’t you told us? If not, why haven’t you done anything to improve our security?

If the Leesburg Police Department doesn’t have enough officers to protect us, hire Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office deputies. If LCPS can’t afford that, hire professional security guards. If LCPS can’t even afford that, then I ask LCPS to please give us its security guard. Loudoun County Public Schools has a security officer in the administration building every day and on evenings whenever there are meetings in the building. We’ve had an actual threat to kill people at our school. Our students and staff deserve consistent, visible security. We do not currently have that.

As we continue to hear about more and more school shootings, you’ve continued to sit on the dais, meeting after meeting, ignoring our concerns. This has been going on for nearly two months. Last week in Colorado, after parents’ concerns about safety and security had been repeatedly ignored by their district’s school board and administrators, eight students were shot. One died. If the threat to kill at Tusky is carried out, it will have been foreseeable and potentially avoidable.

Ignoring concerns about student safety, while protecting yourselves with security guards, is unconscionable. You are elected officials and your constituents deserve better. Now.

Jill Weiss


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Jill, I don't want to scare you but the level of non-disclosure is SIGNIFICANTLY greater than your note seems to be concerned about. Ask your School Board Member in writing to find out the following and you will have a better idea of what I am referring to.
1 . How many oral or written complaints regarding bullying, assaults, batteries or threats of any kind have been received by the principal of each school in your district?
2 How many children in this district would be considered dangerous if they did not take their daily required medication?
3 How many children live in this district who have been disciplined by the schools in this district for aggressive to violent behavior?
4 How many children in this district have had gun or knife or violence related issues with the police which the schools are made aware of?
5 Have the principals in this district all directed their staffs to insure that no area of the school at any time is unsupervised?
6 What percent of the time when an SRO is present is he/she in the office area versus outside or in the halls? How often is the SRO away from the school of assignment?
7 Has every employee working in the schools in your district had a full FBI background check?
8 What gangs is the principal of each school in your district aware of operating in or near each school?
9 Are there any expelled students living in the area of the schools in your district?

I know there are a lot of issues included in these questions most parents don't want to even think about but over my 8 years on the school board i can assure you they are real. The public relations machine known as the LCPS home page does not (by design) inform parents of anything negative which is unfortunate. The privacy issue should not prevent families from being aware of their surroundings especially as our school board has seen fit to require first graders to walk 3/4 of a mile to school but nobody checks if there are registered child predators on that path. During my tenure we had to fire a teacher for lying on her application as she didn't disclose she caused a fatality in her last district yet personnel swore they had done a thorough background check. It took me literally less than one minute to verify what they missed using Google. An expelled student killed a friend with a gun in Ashburn Village when my family lived there before moving to Lucketts. How can we have mandated education including sending teachers into jails yet still expel students? How do you think a former student feels when they are expelled and advised NEVER to come on school grounds or go to a school event? Could that make them upset enough to think harmful thoughts especially if they are supposed to be medicated. Sorry Jill - there is lots to worry about but with disclosure we would all be better prepared to look for the signs.

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