My name is David Wilhelm. I am in ninth grade at Park View High School. A local issue I am concerned about is the increase of e-cigarette use in teenagers. A lot of teenagers think that vaping is OK because it does not have tobacco, but that is not true. It still has nicotine, which is addictive. It appeals to teenagers because of the flavors and because it is easy to carry and hide. I hear a lot about the opioid epidemic in our country. I believe that if the e-cigarette problem continues that it will become an epidemic also. I think that it should be harder to get vaping products. Right now it seems like kids have no problem getting them.

David Wilhelm


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Yes David, you have every right to be concerned. E-cigs are a fad, just like smoking regular cigarettes was, that might go out of style. But just like cigarettes if your addicted you don't stop because it's trendy.

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