When will it end? A proclamation was passed by the Leesburg Town Council on a 4 to 3 vote. Lending the weight to a less than unanimous vote weaponizes the proclamation process for partisan purposes. A resolution was in order if you use a majority to pass the issue.

Trying to make gun owners violent instead of the criminals who use them is a insidious, backdoor propaganda reach by the council and Moms Demand Action. The mayor wore a ribbon supporting this action even before the vote, but in her defense there was no debate about the issue.

The numbers presented were askew, and the gun owners were the losers. Instead of being against all violence they cherry-picked legal gun owners in their quest for infringing on Second Amendment rights.

Hopefully emotions will not be the deciding factor in all the judgments the Leesburg Town Council makes.

Three council members voted against it – Suzanne Fox, Tom Dunn and Josh Thiel – which gives us hope that sanity well prevail.

Gina Wooden


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Shoo fly!


Isn't saying "gun owners violent instead of the criminals who use them" a contradiction? Those criminals are gun owners. No one thinks that all gun owners are violent that is just an ill informed and ignorant remark. Many of us have guns for protection, others for hunting etc. Trying to group all people who think, like I do, that there needs to be better gun control, into one group is as crazy as saying all the crayons in a box do the same thing. Sure they color, but they are all individual colors.

Chris McHale

Does a Proclamation actually have any legal significance or is this just political BS. I prefer my government govern or just go away.


We end it by defeating the American hating libs at the ballot box.


"American Hating" modifying "libs." ????? If you haven't read a legitimate newspaper recently concerning what is going on in Russia, specifically, Putin's disinformation campaign against "liberal thinking" in the US and Europe, I beg of you to become better informed. In the meantime, thanks for doing Putin's bidding for him (sarcasm).


True Americans stand up for the rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for ALL Americans. There are more amendments than the second.


Gina - here in Leesburg we are proud of our town and our town leaders - we fully support the Mayor.


the Dems will parrot a narrative until the other lemmings start repeating it and it eventually becomes the truth to them. Just like Antifa saying they are Anti Fascists when really, they are the embodiment of it.

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