I was one of seven candidates vying for School Board’s vacated Broad Run seat following Ms. Leslee King’s passing. At the board special hearing on October 5th, about one hundred of my supporters showed up and over thirty of them spoke a minute during the public comment session.

After five hours-long hearing, a local TV station quickly ran a piece about two top candidates, Ms. Nolen and me. As a first generation Chinese immigrant without any political support, I wasn’t happy at what the political machine’s appearance in the local affairs and tweeted first time in many years to comment Ms. Briskman’s tweet. And here is a portion I wrote to Loudoun Times-Mirror editor “Basically I am independent and apolitical in seeking serving public office – it’s bad enough with every piece, every corner of the country now divided. I want and I can work with everyone. The school board, as an independent entity, should not under influence of any party. I am really sad for the country when such thing happens (that’s why I commented at Ms. Briskman tweet). Just leave these candidates to compete at the same level. Fair and square.”

This morning while I did my daily morning mile-walk, C-SPAN’s Washington Journal host John McArdle was asking people to talk about “Are the United States best days ahead?”. I text C-SPAN with this piece “Hi C-SPAN. This is Sam from Ashburn, Virginia. I believe the first best time for America is over. We have to work together a lot harder to get it back. Media needs to be like C-SPAN to be neutral and not being opinionated to fan the fires that divide the country”. Mr. McArdle promptly read it on the air.

I have a simple request for our politicians and public servants. Before you say anything and do anything, first to see if your actions can do any good to healing this serious divided country, instead of dividing it further. Each time I read Dr. King’s dream speech, I can become emotional. I have a dream of my own – a dream that Obama care becomes Obama-R care (whoever next republican president is) one day, and President Biden (or whoever will be the next democrat president) can praise Operation Warp Speed during Trump’s presidency that resulted in rapid COVID-19 vaccines development.

Shall we start a dream?

Chuntao (Sam) Yan, Ph.D. Ashburn

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Good for you Sam. You have a bright future ahead.

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