Region lacrosse team

Briar Woods and John Champe high schools are well represented on the 2019 All-Region 5C boys' lacrosse team.--Times-Mirror/Tavan Smith

John Champe High School senior Dalton Young has been selected as Player of the Year on the 2019 All-Region 5C boys' lacrosse team. Marty Young of Briar Woods is the Coach of the Year.

Broad Run, Freedom, Rock Ridge, Stone Bridge and Tuscarora are also represented with player selections.

Player of the Year

Dalton Young (Sr.) John Champe

Coach of the Year

Marty Young, Briar Woods

First team


Ryan Young (Sr.) Briar Woods

Jack Posey (Sr.) Freedom

Wyatt Marvil (Jr.) Thomas Jefferson

Aaron Scott (Sr.) Stone Bridge

Ryan Nixon (Jr.) Briar Woods


Aaron Casteel (Sr.) Briar Woods

Ian Samuelson (Sr.) Edison

Bennett Millar (Jr.) Broad Run

Bryan Reilly (Jr.) Stone Bridge

Jack Maschler (Sr.) Tuscarora


Dalton Young (Sr.) John Champe

Danny McMinn (Sr.) Briar Woods

Will Pompilio (Sr.) Briar Woods

Dominic Cole (Sr.) Stone Bridge

Jack Williams (Jr.) Broad Run


Tyler Judson (Jr.) Stone Bridge

Second team


Peyton Jones (Sr.) Edison

Maxwell Graves (Sr.) Thomas Jefferson

Kavin Ilanchezniah (Jr.) Thomas Jefferson

Zach Myers (Sr.) Freedom

Andrew Nguyen-Tran (Fr.) Falls Church


Geri Doe (Sr.) Rock Ridge

Hunter Floyd (Sr.) Edison

Justin Kim (Sr.) Thomas Jefferson

Ian McDowell (Jr.) Edison

Caden Phillips (So.) Thomas Jefferson


Justin Leung (Sr.) Falls Church

David Meade (Sr.) Thomas Jefferson

Luke Rhoss (Sr.) Wakefield

Taylor Devlin (Sr.) Falls Church

Aiden Skolonda (Sr.) Wakefield


Jimmy Lowe (Jr.) Thomas Jefferson

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